Wilhelm Reich’s lost orgone energy secrets

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Wilhelm Reich and his lost Orgone energy secrets!

We are going to have a look at something quite amazingly practical and instantly useful in this article…


This is a little different kind of magick, orgone energy, special in it’s own way in that it will bring you, healing.

You may have heard of orgone energy and Wilhelm Reich?


What I’m going to share with you today will allow you to experience a manifestation of absolute pure healing energy (Orgone Energy) for your use and advantage, in health as well as in charging objects for your magical rituals…


This practical magical work is done with the aide of simple to build orgone pads or orgone accumulators, thansk to the genuis of Wilhelm Reich…which I will show you how to do in a minute…


Wilhelm Reich stumbled upon the secrets of connecting to the God Force in the early half of the 20th century, he had been keenly interested in the occult and magic and understood the power and importance of the divine energy and its channeling to a physical plane manifestation.


The secret was how and by stumbling upon the scripts of  Paracelsus he uncovered the key.

Reichs magical and occult interests put him at odds with Sigmund Freud and was the main reason they parted company.

To cut a long story short Reich conducted various successful experiments in the USA using this special tapped orgone energy, from disrupting and creating clouds in the sky to eliminating tumors in the body via the use of his large-scale orgone accumulators.


I’m going to share with you how to create simple orgone pads to give you an advantage in healing and sending energy into objects, and this is practical magick that you should use.


Orgone magick by utilizing practical physical principles will prove to you that magic is all around us and the divine cosmic energy, when tapped into properly, can give you infinite freedom and abilities for healing, manifestation and spiritual growth.


Orgone pads are healing pads, also known as an orgone accumulator.


We are going to use the knowledge and information that Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered in by using layers of cotton and steel wool or sheep wall and steel wool with a cotton wrap.


Now bear with me if you’re not familiar with this and it seems a little bit odd this combination draws amazing energies into it.

These pads concentrate the nonphysical energy of the universal God Force or life force whatever you want to call it, onto the place where this pad is applied.


With this method the orgone pad sends concentrated healing or other vital energies to the location where it is applied.


The first real reference to this special way of tapping into orgone energy came from Paracelsus in the 15th and 16th centuries.


Now Dr. Reich built these orgone energy concentrators or accumulators on a larger scale, wardrobe-sized boxes and had the walls layered with iron and wood in specific sequence and densities to draw on and concentrate these energies into the center.


People were then made to sit inside these wardrobe style boxes or rooms to heal their ailments, like small tumors, broken bones, aches and pains etc… over a period of several treatments.


The amazing thing is,that people healed at a rate of 4 to 5 times faster than normal and conditions which were considered malignant improved or completely reversed themselves drastically.


So let’s make up one of these orgone pads which are basically a small scale version of an orgone accumulator room, these will be for your use and also for placing energy into other things like really amping up the magical charge in your magical tools and also to aid your healing.



You are going to need cotton wool, you’re going to need steel wool, grade #0000 or #000,the type you can use for our scraping pots will suffice, and if you like sheep wool

You are going to make it to the dimensions of about 9 inches thick and 12 inches in length.

It could be made thicker in layers if you prefer,and then these pads will be covered over with a cotton or linen cloth.

Now these pads will gather in, the universal life force or the God Force moderating it to harmonise with the same qualities that are generally associated with the metal and cotton wall inside the pad.

The qualities of steel include physical strength and vitality, aggressiveness and physical energy, so the use of this type of healing pad can focus on these qualities to provide a rapid healing effect on you or an object that is being treated with it.

Therefore, use alternating layers of cotton wool and steel wool.

If you use eight layers of cotton wall and seven layers of steel wool this makes for a most excellent and extremely effective orgone accumulator for healing.

Orgone pad

If you have any bone fractures, then alternating layers of cotton wool or sheep wool and lead will help the broken or fractured bone in healing much more rapidly.


Now for these treatments, you can start applying the orgone accumulator pad for example to your limb or any body part for about 20 to 40 minutes at a time, and then increase it to an hour 3 times a day if your condition is bad.

For aches & pains, or to revitalize yourself, shorter periods will do.


It’s really up to you to experiment, but an hour once or twice a day for a couple of weeks until the physical condition is corrected years is recommended.


These orgone accumulator pads can also be used for other uses, for example, sending a charge of the universal God Force to magical powders or charms, talisman’s magical baths, etc…


Try charging your implements by performing your rituals and spells as per usual but also laying an orgone pad on top of the magical tool and them leaving it there after the ritual, for up to 24 hours.


Back to uses for health:


For men, cotton is good for masculinity, if you alternate layers for example 7 layers of zinc mesh and eight layers of cotton wool, will enhance the masculine nature of someone who is having difficulty with their masculinity.


Wood and iron are very good for promoting physical strength and vitality just as cotton and iron or steel are.


Both of these are also very good for improving your stamina.


Silver layers with linen layers can be used to promote the religious or spiritual nature of the person.


Gold and cotton or gold and wool can be used to heal the affairs of the heart, using gold foil is recommended in this case because naturally, solid gold itself is costly and difficult to get hold of.


If you make accumulator pads made of sheep’s wool or cotton wool with copper layers,  will help in reducing pain from physical damage to the body, it also eases severe arthritis.


For people interested in drawing money to themselves, and who isn’t, then layers of cotton wool and tin and Tin with lambswool has proven very effective in attracting money to a person.


As usual you WILL find a lot of trash talking against orgone energy, I urge you however to try it for yourself, and then decide what you think, and before I go I have one more Freebie for you.


If you’re Interested in learning a little more about Wilhelm Reich and his orgone experiments an oldie but a goodie can be found here on youtube for yoiur viewing pleasure!


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