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Tap into the Infinite Potential of The Kuji Code: Embark on a Transformative Journey as I Guide You Through the Enchanting Realms of Secret Eastern Magic.

You are here reading this right now because… I have an exclusive opportunity waiting for you as a token of my gratitude for being with me throughout these life-transforming magical webinars!

Allow me to introduce you to the pinnacle of Mage energetics transformational Magick—the Kuji Code! It’s the ultimate series of Kuji Magick, granting you the chance to become a true pioneer in the West, leading and teaching this once-secretive method of magick.

I am offering you the rare opportunity to become a certified Kuji Magick Master, a prestigious credential that only few can attain.

I wholeheartedly recognize your immense potential and value your unwavering dedication to this magickal, spiritual journey. Join me now in seizing this extraordinary path that sets you apart from the rest!


You have been with me through the past successful series of uniquely transformative and groundbreaking mystical webinars!

I now want to thank you by giving you (if you choose to take the final step to the summit towards magickal and spiritual fulfillment)

THe Kuji Code -The Masters guide to Kuji Energy manipulation,  is a comprehensive certification course for Masterful Magickal energy Manipulation which will hand over to you the highly sought after ability to be able to unlock the secrets of power and balance itself.

Not only will you attain mastery level …but you will be one of a handful in the world to be able to proudly call yourself as a  certified Master teacher of this 500 year old kuji tradition.


Firstly you will start with our unique cornerstone 6 rituals of the Crystal lotus…these magickal rituals are simple, powerful magickal forms that create fast changes in your life and surroundings;

So let me ask you …Are you now ready to unlock the key to fast and powerful change in your life and gain full control of your surroundings?

Then look no further!

We  uncovered the 6 most transformative rituals within our Kuji lineage that date  back to Ishikiri Mountain in The kansai region and the temple of the silver phoenix that used to be on the peak of Mount Kongo there 500 years ago.


These methods were then incorporated into the Mage Energetics system when I founded the Amaranth Phoenix Temple a couple of decades ago after being handed the Master level Teaching Menkyo in Kuji Magick from the abott himself.

These 6 simple but effective magickal rituals that will propel you towards the life you desire to have.

Prepare to be amazed as I guide you on this exciting journey of personal growth and positive transformation.


Mount Kongo

WE will begin creating change in your life, positive changes, new creations, opportunities, as well as disolving any stagnant energies that may be draining you of vital energy  or preventing you  from attaining higher levels of spiritual/magickal success … through specific practical magick and key meditations…You will learn:


  1. Morning magickal Visualization: Picture this – waking up each morning with a clear vision of your goals and aspirations. Visualization allows you to imagine yourself already living your dream life, fostering a deep sense of motivation and determination throughout your day. You will spend a few moments each morning visualizing your ideal self then perform the unique magickal ritual and watch how this practice sets the stage for a day filled with purpose and intention.

2.Gratitude Journaling: It’s time to embrace the power of gratitude! Yes we incorporate this more modern technique that actually dates back 4 centuries where kuji monks used to write magickal gratitude poems on rice paper and then light them as offerings to set the magick of gratitude in action.

Count your blessings and jot them down in a journal each day or on paper where you will be given the unique but practical magickal ritual to follow. This ritual allows you to cultivate a heart filled with appreciation, shifting your focus from what may be lacking to all that you already have. By practicing magickal kuji gratitude rituals, you will open yourself up to endless possibilities and attract more positivity into your life.


  1. Mindful Meditation: Take a break from the chaos of life and find solace in the present moment through our lineages one of a kind mindful meditation. This unique Amaranth Phoenix Temple practice allows you as an active magician to calm your mind, reduce stress, and enhance your overall well-being. By dedicating just a few minutes each day to sit in stillness, you will gain clarity, improve focus, and unleash your inner peace. Get ready to experience a more centered and grounded version of yourself!


4. Magickal Kuji Affirmation Affair: Have you been overlooking the power of positive self-talk? It’s time to affirm your worth! We will create together a list of empowering affirmations that reflect your true potential then combine this with a key magickal mantra and repeat them daily. By rewiring your subconscious mind with uplifting kuji magick, you will boost your self-confidence, banish self-doubt, and pave the way for remarkable change in your life.

5. Magickal Act of Self-Care: Prioritize yourself by indulging in regular self-care practices. Whether it’s taking a long bubble bath, enjoying a nourishing meal, or engaging in a hobby that brings you joy, make time for activities that nurture your body, mind, and soul. Remember, self-care is not indulgence; it’s a necessity. By caring for yourself, you’ll replenish your energy and create a solid foundation for positive transformation, you will be given a modern interpretation of how to magickally go about this like we do here at the Amaranth Phoenix Temple..


  1. Surround Yourself with Inspiration: Your environment plays a crucial role in shaping your mindset and outcomes. Surround yourself with positivity and inspiration by curating your surroundings. Fill your living and working spaces with motivating Magickal prayers, specific photographs, or artwork that you will magickally bless that align with your goals. You will perform a secret ritual that will help you seek out like-minded individuals who uplift and inspire you. Remember, you are the average of the people you spend the most time with, so choose wisely! This magickal ritual will draw the people you need towards you!


So, are you ready to embark on this incredible journey of fast and powerful change? And become a Kuji Teacher in the process?

Embrace these transformative rituals and watch as they revolutionize your life and surroundings. Get ready to witness the magic unfold and unleash the best version of yourself. The power to create the life you desire is within your reach – seize it with these six empowering rituals!


Then as you progress in this amazing but practical course it will be your duty to help those around you and teach them how to gain life mastery through Kuji Magick and escape the archon illusory trap.


Once you complete the course you will be given all the tools needed to become an inner core member Of the Amaranth Temple Teacher Level Mage. 



In the vast and wondrous realm of our imagination, let us embark on a soaring journey into the realm of the extraordinary.


Today, my fellow magical and spiritual traveler, I bring forth the revelation of the 8 magical secret seals of transformation, shining a light upon the unknown and unlocking the door to untold wonders.


These seals, like ancient keys to a celestial gateway, hold within them the power to shape and alter the fabric of your existence in ways hitherto unfathomed.


As you traverse through the realms of myth and symbol, let the tapestry of your mind be stretched and expanded, for it is within the realms of possibility that greatness unfurls.


The First Seal, radiant with promise, whispers the language of intention. It reminds us that the power to transform lies within our very thoughts. With clarity and purpose, we mold the clay of our destinies, shaping dreams into reality.


The Second Seal, shimmering with resolve, calls to us with the song of action. It teaches that true transformation is born from our deeds. As we navigate the vicissitudes of Life’s infinite dance, let us embrace the courage to take that first step towards our desired metamorphosis.


The Third Seal, gleaming with resilience, echoes the symphony of perseverance. It beseeches us to weather the storms that inevitably accompany change. In the face of adversity, it is our tenacity that propels us forward, enabling our metamorphosis to unfold.


The Fourth Seal, beaming with illumination, beckons us toward self-reflection. It urges us to seek the wisdom that resides within, for true transformation begins when we delve into the depths of our own souls. Through introspection, we unlock the secrets that guide our journey of metamorphosis.


The Fifth Seal, ablaze with empathy, stirs within us the power of connection. It reminds us that transformation is not a solitary pursuit, but a shared voyage. With open hearts, we extend our hands to others, fostering compassion and understanding as we navigate the transformative currents of life together.


The Sixth Seal, radiant with acceptance, teaches us the sacred art of letting go. It unfolds the truth that transformation requires release, paving the way for new beginnings. As we shed the burdens that weigh us down, we embrace the boundless potential that lies before us.


The Seventh Seal, gleaming with harmony, whispers the symphony of balance. It reminds us to nourish all facets of our being—mind, body, and spirit—to achieve a holistic transformation. In equilibrium, we discover the alchemical dance of transformation, where chaos and order merge.


Lastly, the Eighth Seal, shimmering with awe, invites us to embrace the unknown. It emboldens us to venture beyond the familiar, to embark upon uncharted paths. For in the realms of uncertainty, our most profound transformations lie, awaiting discovery.


Therefore as you are a  seeker of enlightenment, let these hidden seals ignite the flames of curiosity within you.

Approach them with an open heart and an adventurous spirit. And as you unlock the secrets they hold, may the transformation you seek blossom, transcending the boundaries of imagination and reality.


Look to the cosmos, to the infinite possibilities that lie before you, for there, my friend, is where your greatest transformations are born. Journey forth, and may the seals be ever in your favor as you connect even deeper with our true essence, the source of all!





Unlock the secrets of kuji magickal power by creating a sacred altar that will elevate your practice to extraordinary heights.


Prepare to delve into the mystic realm, where the convergence of symbolism, intention, and energy will generate an abundance of profound power.


Let us embark on this mystical journey together and discover the three essential elements that will amplify your kuji magickal energies.


The first key to building your kuji magickal altar is selecting a sacred space that resonates deeply with your spirit.


Find a quiet and undisturbed corner of your home, where you can create an intimate connection with the forces beyond.


This space should be cleansed and purified, free from any negative energies that may hinder the flow of your magick. By dedicating this special place solely to your practice, you invite focused energy to gather, amplifying the potency of your rituals.


Once your sacred space is prepared, turn your attention to carefully choosing the symbols and objects that will adorn your altar.


Begin with the central piece, a representation of the energy you wish to invoke and harness in your kuji practice.


It could be a powerful deity( I will help you select deities that ae not entrapments created by the Archons), an elemental symbol, or a sacred talisman. This central symbol will serve as the focal point of your altar, drawing in the energies it represents and magnifying their potency.


Next, select items that resonate with the essence of the powers you seek to awaken within yourself.


Choose crystals, amulets, or other precious stones that align with your intentions. These objects will serve as conduits, amplifying and channeling energy into your practice. Let their shimmering essence infuse your altar with vitality and radiance, enhancing the magnitude of your kuji magick.


Lastly, incorporate elements from the natural world—plants, herbs, or flowers—to symbolize growth, transformation, and life force.


These organic manifestations of creation represent the cycle of energy and serve as a reminder of our interconnectedness with all living beings.


By imbuing your altar with the vibrant energy of nature, you align your practice with the powerful rhythms of the universe, awakening profound energies within.


Now, seeker, contemplate the enchanting effect of these three elements  with 3 further special elements that you will learn of at the time of the Kuji code webinars.

These 6 special items converging on your kuji magickal altar. The sacred space, the symbolic focal point, and the natural manifestations and 3 further necessary pieces that you will learn of when the time comes ignite a synergy that transcends the ordinary.

Together, they create a space where energy whirls and dances,where intention takes shape, and where the profound powers of kuji magick flourish.


As you embark on this awe-inspiring journey, remember that the true power lies within you.

Your kuji magickal altar is a catalyst, an amplifier for your inner potential. By nurturing this sacred space, you invite transformative energies to surround you, to elevate your practice, and to awaken the boundless magic that resides within. Open yourself to the wondrous possibilities that await you, learn how to create  your kuji magickal altar that will allow it to become the gateway to your own extraordinary power.




Unlock the Secrets to Abundant Living: Discover the Profound Rituals that Unleash Love, Financial Prosperity, Unshakeable Happiness, and Constant Great Health!

This module in the webinar will reveal to you the four incredible keys to unlock the doors of limitless possibilities.


First, immerse yourself in the transformative power of ancient rituals passed down through generations. These sacred practices, carefully crafted to connect you with your inner self, will pave the way for profound positive change in every aspect of your life.

Next, delve into the realm of love. Uncover the secrets to nurturing and cultivating deep, meaningful connections with those around you. Experience the joy of genuine relationships as you learn to attract love in all its forms – be it romantic, platonic, or familial.


But that’s not all – prepare to embrace financial prosperity like never before. Discover proven methods to manifest abundance and create a lasting legacy. Say goodbye to financial worries and hello to a life filled with abundance, opportunities, and the freedom to pursue your dreams.



And what is true abundance without unshakeable happiness?

This program will guide you on a journey to unlock your inner joy and contentment. Learn how to cultivate a positive mindset, overcome obstacles, and find deep fulfillment in every moment of your life, no matter the circumstances.


Finally, I will equip you with the knowledge and tools to embrace constant great health. Unleash vitality, energy, and wellness as you harness the power of holistic practices and ancient wisdom. Experience the freedom of a healthy, thriving body and mind.


Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to transform your life. Join Me once more…one more deinitive final time on this remarkable journey and be prepared to unlock the hidden gems of abundance, love, financial prosperity, unshakeable happiness, and constant great health.

Join me, become a highly regarded Master Teacher of Kuji…one of the few  firsts!

Your extraordinary life starts now!


I intend to release this course to others from September 2023.


However I want you to have the opportunity to get in with an exclusive special appreciation offer like I mentioned at the top of this page.


I will offer this Extremely special Form of Magick  at a price of $995 ( simply because of the massive magickal advantage this gives you over others, its worth even more)


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The course begins in the last week of August and it will cap off what you will learn in the upcoming Kuji Webinars soon at the end of July.

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