The legend of Saint Cyprian, there lived in persidia A Christian woman called Justina, her father was a Pagan priest or Pagan magician. She converted both her father and her mother to Christianity. A rich young man so the beautiful woman often at the church. He was very attracted by her but she was sworn to Christian chastity .

So therefore he sought the aid of a famed magus of the city his name was Cyprian, and he wanted Cyprian’s assistance to seduce Justina .

Cyprian was an expert in both astrology and necromancy; and he was known for having mastered the core of all magick .

He was a successful and powerful magician often practicing black magick.

If we examine one important aspect of the legend it tells us that Cyprian fell in love with Justina himself and sent demons to torment her in accordance with the love magic practised at the time .

There is another version of the legend of Saint Cyprian where it states that a demon strongly advised Cyprian to pour water laced with a specific drug around the perimeter of her house while the demon entered her mind .

This magic seemingly didn’t work so therefore he summoned a more powerful Prince of spirits and this did not work either .

The demons keep telling him that they could not beat the very powerful sign of the cross that she kept making in their presence .

Hi s magick was soundly defeated, something St.Cyprian had never experienced in his life.

Therefore St.Cyprian abandoned his demonic magic and started serving the same God as Justina.

Supreme then adapted his magic for good and he became famous for performing healings and miracles as well as expelling evil spirits and demons and protecting the people in the village where he lived or where he was summoned to perform exorcisms and counter black magic

Today I am going to share a very simple but reportedly effective Protection petition to St. Cyprian who is the patron of magicians and occultists.

Offering and petitioning St Cyprian for Protection

The period between September 16th, the Feast of Saint Cyprian of Carthage, and September 26th, the Feasts of the Saints Cyprian and Justina of Antioch is the special 9 days to be observed… You may use the following as a call to ask for protection against malefic magickal attacks or harmful entities in your house…Remember St Cyprians egregore is powerfully connected with Christianity hence the summoning has a Christian flavor mixed in…it does work!

Have a cleansing bath

Then pour water in each corner of the room, stating …Hail Saint Cyprian I honor thee in the name of the father, son and holy spirit…repeat in the 3 remaining corners.

Light a candle and place a statue or image of st Cyprian on your altar (be very careful of fire hazard)

State strongly with a feeling of compassion, love and goodness emanating from your heart…

Saint Cyprian of Antioch, I beseech you +

that those who are bound by maledictions, +

sorcery, +

and possessed of evil, +

that you unbind them, +

that you untie them, +

so that the rabid wolf not have dominion over them. +

Saint Cyprian, I pray preserve me from all evil intents, +

arts, + and deeds; + guard my vision and my thoughts; +

may they be full of confusion those who attempt against my life, +

may my enemies be confused and driven away, +

keep me triumphant over them eternally. +




You then pour the wine of your choice in the 4 corners of your room… ( you can actually place small bowls in each corner and pour some wine into them, it will save your carpet 😉


Repeat this procedure for 9 consecutive days…

Enjoy the results!

That is all for today, have a great week going forward always!

Blessed be!