Magick depends on a few simple but key principles put into action that you must master in order to be able to instigate transformation and manifestation.

One of the core keys along with drawing in the power (god-force) and vibrational frequency resonance, is being fully in the now!

The Key I mention is the realization that Now is the time you are in and must be presnt in.

Once you realise there is no point to ponder on if in the future but to visualize yourself as always being in the NOW no matter what time frame you need a result to manifest, then you also realise that the best time to always take action is NOW!

I hope I havent confused you…do you follow me?

I hope to casually demonstrate what I mean and how the power of NOW will propel all your workings and manifestations into reality for you…

Click the link to the video below and learn why and how the power of now is vital to your success!