Today let’s have a look at the fascinating art of invocation, if we use the plan of the tree of life as our guide, we as magicians can invoke the lower gods or archangels, with the desire to mingle our own life was at the same time surrendering our being to the greater and more extensive life of the God force.

 Thus, our spiritual perceptions become more refined and increasingly more sensitive, whilst our consciousness in time becomes accustomed to the higher frequency of the God force flowing through us.

 Our interior evolution proceeding, we can invoke the God force of the Sephirah or the plane immediately above it.

 If we follow this same procedure, we can attempt to assimilate our own essence and our own integrated consciousness, to that of the divine God force we have invoked.

 And so on until we finally stand upon the high peak of spiritual realization which unites us with the transcendental life of infinity, the feeling of universal love and total compassion, we become conscious of all life and everything as our self with supreme vision and power.

 The famous Neoplatonic theurgist one stated: If the essence and perfection of everything good was understood in the God’s, and the first in ancient power of them is with us priests [this means us magicians] and if those who also followed more spiritual endeavors and genuinely obtain the union with the God force, then the beginning and the end of all good is honestly pursued.

In turn, the knowledge of the gods helps us attain the knowledge of ourselves.

So, this was the theory, and how does this art of invocation begin?

Well, it starts with the all-important imaginative faculty.

You have to train to visualize with inwardly, symbols and images, shapes and forms and complete detail, clarity so that it comes second nature and easy for you to accomplish.

You have to train so that you have absolute precision with what you visualize.

Why is this important? Because certain God forms require the extensive and well-developed ability for the magician to visualize great detail.

If we take a look at a Hermetic Magickal tradition like the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn system,  this is accomplished with the Egyptian God forms.

Also, with the Angels.

And there is the Qabbalistic system with the Hebrew letters and Associations such as color, astrological symbol, divinatory meaning in the tarot, and geomancy as well as the elements.

When building up the so-called telesmatic image of the Archangel in the imagination, we take each letter is representing some particular part of the limb of the form, and some particular shape, feature, or color.

So, from this in the letters of its name, we can develop a highly significant and eloquent form.

If you start your visualization training sitting or lying down and get yourself in a perfectly relaxed physical state, whereby you have no nervous will muscular tension to disturb your brain concentration, you can then begin your attempt to imagine for example a particular God form or image with specific physical shape.

Now, this may seem easy, but if I tell you, you have to go into great detail every feature of the God forms face the eyes, the ears shape of the head, the mouth, shoulders, posture, specific jewelry and clothing, feeling and energy…

You can see that it can take you quite a long time of concentration.

When you become more proficient in your concentration and reflection become more intense and profound, the body becomes vitalized by streams of dynamic energy and power.


Your mind also will be invaded by light, great intensity of feeling, and also inspiration.

 The name of the God or Archangel is meanwhile frequently vibrated throughout your creation.

 This vibration achieves to ends. One is to keep the mind completely concentrated on the ideal form through this repetition.

 Secondly, the vibration awakens within you in the depths of the microcosmic consciousness your magical faculty which is similar to will corresponds to its macrocosmic power.

 Also, rhythmic breathing is utilized in order to keep the mind and body tranquil and to open the succulent parts of the inner nature of the all-present all-permeating life.

 Then you visualize the letters of the name, these need to be practiced. According to traditional roles, the letters of then manipulated by the mind is moving within the God forms and occupy certain important positions in the solar plexuses all major nerve centers of this God form your creating.

 The full impact of these methods attain the magical effect to exult the consciousness within you and lift up your mind to a higher conscious plane and this is where you become united at that moment with the Universal original energy source, and gain a perception of the meaning and transcendental nature and being of the eternal Source of all.

 So that is all for today we will go into more depth regarding how to best use the mysteries to help with your spiritual endeavors and magical training soon!