The Angel Frequency, what is it? why is this important for you and your magick?

Specific frequencies of Sounds and Vibrations are at the cornerstone to successful magickal operations and spiritual awakening.

For millenia the exact frequencies have been secretly collated by various magickal and spiritual orders and societies, to remain free of persecution these secrets were coded and disguised in music, as well as sounds in tunes and songs.

Only those initiated into these small secretive orders were able to unlock and use these essential melodies and revert them to their core frequencies when performing rituals.

The results were always truly profound and amplified their magic and spiritual unfoldment to extremely high levels of attainment.

I invite you to view a short video on the Angel frequency 4096hz and find out the benefits it can bring you…

Click the link below to find out more…enjoy!

The Angel Frequency!

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