Testing Spirits that Enter your life unexpectedly

When a spirit contacts you and you’re not sure why or what its end game is all about, the very first thing I would recommend you to do… is a divination… with whatever methods you are used to.

You can go for something simple but steeped in tradition like the astragals, where you draw a 9 inch diameter circle on a piece of leather.

Use two die (dice) ask the question clearly, blow on the die and add the numbers on the face of the die that land within the circle.

1 = Yes

2 = No

3 = Consider this carefully

4= Think this through

5= Positive and or good fortune

6 = Definitely

7 = Believe in it/have strong faith

8 = Patience is needed here

9 = Emphatic Yes

10 = Very doubtful

11 = Absolutely not true

12= You are in luck/ a good omen

Any sort of divination you are comfortable with, can help get a read on the spirit and what it truly wants from you as well as whether or not it has good intentions.

Once you determine what those intentions are then you need to make appropriate and quick decisions. Let’s examine a malevolent spirit scenario.

How to deal with malevolent spirits

If you have an evil spirit calling, (usually disguised as charming and loving) then you need to make at least three definite actions.

1.Remove the spirit from your presence and living  space.

When a spirit means to do you harm, and you have uncovered its real agenda, you must banish it completely. You can do this via a banishing ritual, or you might call upon some sympathetic spirits, or ancestral spirits. Alternately you could try bargaining with the hostile spirit. This can be especially useful if the spirit is attacking you due to the summoning by someone else. Whatever method you use, it’s important that you act and remove this spirit permanently asap.

Review your magickal protection (see my Protection magick course for more) and implement your best defenses. Many don’t take this step until they have a problem, you should be proactive in magick.

If a hostile spirit has managed to get through your defenses, then you need to review them and determine how you can improve on them (once again see my proven protection magick course for real results people testify to).

In an ideal situation, the spirit wouldn’t even be able to get through your defenses, but for that to have happened you need to determine where there are weaknesses and then make changes.

Obviously, you haven’t implemented what you ought to have-time to implement is NOW!

Find out if someone sent the spirit your way or if its due to some other reason.

Usually hostile spirits aren’t coming after you unless its an ancestral thing, or someone is trying to harm you in a deliberate magickal attack.

Occasionally a spirit will come after you on its own just because its malevolent and has drifted in noticing your astral imprint.

In any of those situations you want to do some Sherlock Holmes work. First, try to recall if there is anyone who might be targeting you.

If no one comes to mind, do some further divination. Once you’ve determined the cause you must take appropriate actions.

Having setup your home and personal magickal defenses is something that remarkably most magicians and witches tend to overlook until its too late…

How to deal with friendly spirits

Now let’s explore the alternate scenario, where the spirit wants to work with you.

If the spirit is friendly and wants to work with you, then you need to if you really want to get involved and work with it.

Remember that just because a spirit comes calling it doesn’t mean you have to work with it.

You must be careful as to what you may be partaking in… You want to use your own best judgement…and proceed with caution.

If you do in fact end up deciding you don’t want to work with it, then be firm and make that very clear and ask it to depart.

Otherwise it may begin to pester you and interfere with you. If it refuses to depart, than you need to banish and set up defenses so it doesn’t wander back into your sphere again.

If you decide to work with the spirit, then you will want to invoke it correctly and begin discussing what that relationship will look like.

Remember your protective circle, as simple as it may be, but do use one.

Consider making an offering (keep it simple) and creating a space for the spirit on an altar perhaps. You’ll also want to determine if you’ll be doing practical magic with the spirit or if this will be solely devotional.

Remember, proper protection magick means you should be proactive with your defenses, it is better to be in control of your life and invoke spirits/entities at your choosing rather than being seen as an easy approach or target for spirits who often end up having certain agendas, looking for a patsy human to push around and fool.

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