Today let’s have a look at natural magicians, namely the shamans, we enter to examine the magical outlook and belief system and how these effective mages operate.

So join me in this fascinating insight into the magical altered reality and blessed world of the shamans.

Whilst shamans have no fixed dogma or religion, they all share a common belief in the universal web of power that supports and nourishes all life.

According to the shamanic way of life, magic is all around us 100% all the time.

Every element of the environment and in our lives, as well as in every single thing, contains this source of power in the spirit world.

Things such as rocks, animals, gaseous substances, plants, clouds, as well as the wind are charged with the Universal divine force and must be paid due respect for the maintenance of the outer world and inner world, to maintain harmony and healthy functioning.

Shamans consider all life forms to be interconnected, and there exists a mutually supportive balance among all of us and everything which is essential for humankind and all life forms’ continued survival.

Shamans believe that our job in each lifetime is to understand this balance and attain a harmonious lifestyle with everything we interact with in the environment, always taking nature into consideration in every endeavor we partake in.

This magical web of power within nature is actually the life-giver and the source of all successful concurrent and subsequent activity.

Shamans access extremely vital survival information and knowledge from what is known as the spirit journey.

You may have seen this portrayed in various movies, particularly relating to the Amazon region in Brazil.

However, there are shamanic traditions in existence all over the world.

As shamans put it, they travel within their imaginations to contact the spirit world or the world of the spirit itself.

Shamans contact the universal source of all information by spirit flying deeply within themselves by utilizing the power of the Universal force.

If they do this while focusing on a question or a particular situation of concern, their ecstatic journey will provide an answer or a hint to a solution, allowing them to bypass the stumbling blocks of all the material world and endow them with the broader vision, In turn, this allows them access to technologies to resolve the issue or bind them time to avoid or minimize what seems unsurmountable or inevitable disasters.

To a shaman the imagination is more than mere mental or cerebral activity, to them imagination is an actual vehicle that carries them to unknown spiritual rounds.

Thoughts and feelings form and draw in the energy to go to specific locations in this web of power, not simply mental activity as the common person has been taught to believe.

Shamans fill a very diverse and fascinating set of roles, including being a sacred artist, poet, musician, mediator, ceremonialist, dancer, singer, performer and wise person.

There are four principal specialties that shamans are usually attributed to being known for these are:

Healing; accessing lost knowledge; developing physical and spiritual power; prophesizing or foretelling the events for an individual or for the entire tribe.

Different shamans throughout the world specialize in different aspects, for example becoming masters of predicting the weather, becoming masters of medicinal and herbal healing plants, becoming masters of accessing hidden spiritual information for the betterment of the tribe or ruler. etc.

Whatever their specialty they are the medicine man and medicine woman of their communities are found all over the world from North and South America to Europe, Africa, Asia as well as Oceania… So basically the traditional shamanic system has been an important aspect of life on Earth the globe over since Humans realized the important connection to the spiritual and the natural.

The shaman’s power as visionary, seer, and healer has been traced to Siberia, India, and Tibet.

Similar techniques have been utilized everywhere by shamans since Paleolithic times even though they were separated by extremely vast distances, oceans, and differing continents.

There is a lot that shamans know in many qualities that they possess.

The training can set at a very young age and is very rigorous and often dangerous and this is why there are not huge numbers of shamans, and there will never be because the training is very grueling, and they are usually the best of the best.

Shamans know about energy and how it works both in the environment and within the human body.

They recognize the inherent power order of nature and sense their own connection with it. They know about the spirit body and how to communicate with it for health and extra stamina, often being able to screen detect issues within the or and then perform corrections to the aura which will heal the physical body.

Shamans use the powers of Univision and imagination to journey for knowledge and for vital information.

We have many examples of this in anthropology and archaeology where modern scientists and archaeologists and anthropologists and astronomers are astounded at the knowledge of our ancestors and people in certain remote tribes that seem very primitive yet have vast sets of information and knowledge regarding physics, astronomy, and even mathematics and informational constellations and star systems that we only have recently been able to confirm with extremely high tech modern equipment in very recent times.

Shamans learn to work with natural images and symbols from within know how to interpret these to overcome obstacles and problems. Shamans are true artists and they often bring this symbolism in their artworks and songs, dances, special movements, and rhythms.

Shamans learn how to be successful and they certainly know how to take action when called for. Shamans are not armchair philosophers.

They have practical skills for handling dilemmas. They have become quite comfortable with paradox.

They know how to shift levels of consciousness it will. They are extremely comfortable with ecstatic states as with ordinary waking consciousness.

This gives them a flexible nature able to handle change very easily.

You probably don’t know that shamans are also fighters. They are disciplined and persistent in their attempts to gain power and applied to the common good.

They know how to protect themselves in formidable circumstances, and a very practical avoiding pessimism or over-optimism they live life in the now and tap into the magical row so they are always prepared.

What I have outlined now are the qualities and attributes shared by shamans throughout the ages, all continents throughout the world.

The shamans are not any more than human beings who develop themselves out of interest in dedication their talents are probably no greater than your inability to experience a similar level of success.

But the secret to the power shamanic approach is extreme interest in the willingness to believe that you can do it!

Yes you too, if you dedicated yourself to this path with dogged determination and stickability could develop the powers of the shamans.

Stay tuned for more and a very special announcement soon that could radically change your life in ways you never even dreamt of as being possible.

See you here again soon!