Seventh Phoenix – My Amazing Story, My Journey

Hello, I’m 7thPhoenix (Seventh Phoenix)

I want say thank you for reading my blog.

And Welcome!

My aim is the release insightful information on Magick and the Occult that can help raise your experience and better enjoy the work.

7thPhoenix (Seventh Phoenix) is my Magickal public motto I am known as , but feel free to call me Andrew

My path is an adventure in time, experiences and global movement…born in Italy, raised in New Zealand and living in Japan for the past 28 years, I have also lived and travelled throughout Asia a good deal…studying the occult as well as traditional Martial arts and street fighting.

I was first woken to magick at the age of 6 when a strange dark figure materialized out of a closet in a new home we had just moved into and tried to choke me to death, I kid you not…the marks were real.

Later that year I suffered from  a burst appendix which also led to accute peritonitis in 1975, as my appendix burst and complications during the operation meant I was clinically dead for a full minute…I had an extremely unforgettable OBE.

Up until the age of 15 I could easily astral travel and would often float down the street on my back and various places.

I found this extraordinarily fun, the propblem was no one believed it …except my Grandmother.

My Grandmother who was a witch of repute ( Head of the Vercelli Magickal Tradition in Northern Italy) In northern Italy witch families do not call what they do stregeria, they call themselves the benandanti.

She started teaching me the ways in the late early 80’s, gradually  and I delved further into various systems and books although few were available…

When I was 17 the full training began…

I was on my way…Thus was that was the beginning of an extremely interesting journey which saw me leave the shores of New Zealand at age 21,join Wing Chun circles in Hong kong, a Ninja group in japan and esoteric buddhist magickal studies as well as esoteric Taoism… to this very day…

Along the way I uncovered certain truths about Magick and shaping the life you want to live, that were seemingly being only briefly touched upon, or completely overlooked by supposed adepts and seasoned occultists.

I opened myself up to learn and also to taking some horrendous falls along the way…I overcame 6 great falls of massive proportions and rose the 7th time to an amazing redemption and state of success…hence my moniker and public magickal motto 7thPhoenix (seventh phoenix)was born!

In my (magickal as well as life) experiments I pushed the envelope, tested everything over the course over many years and decades, dropped what wasn’t useful and tweaked , further refining what did work into something that almost never failed me when applied fully.

The result was that in my mundane life Magick helped me  become The country Representative, of two highly competitive boutique search firms.

It helped me enter the lecturing circuit into 3 of Japans leading Universities, travel all around Asia, and eventually break free from the rat race, where I work from home or anywhere I choose to for that matter.

In short I discovered Magick for the living, magick that helps you shape your life in accelerated time.

I created and founded the Magickal Order of the Amaranthine Phoenix in Saitama Japan in 2014.

One of my missions was to help put an end to and heal the huge rift and wars between Golden Dawn Factions…

This I accomplished bringing all sides ( main leaders) from the US to Europe to an informal peace, which has seen hostilities and internet attacks between the since 2015 subside…

This is one of my biggest accomplishments.

And I want you to benefit as much as possible from the little bits and pieces (sometimes golden) that may also be of help to you…

I’m not claiming I know it all, but I have walked the walk and my results speak for themselves.

If you are here reading this right now, then I am sure we were meant to cross paths on this amazing journey..

The choice to go further is yours to make though!

So what are you waiting for?

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seventh phoenix