You will find here  some jaw-dropping occult examples of deliberate psychic attack, apart from the experiences of the well-known Dion fortune.

All names used  have been altered as well as the original locations in order to retain privacy and avoid the likelihood of identification.

These are role real cases although some of them may seem borderline made up to those that have no experience in magic or the spiritual realm.

These examples are given as pathologies and shouldn’t be used as suggestions for behavior.

The only real intent for magical practice and use is in order to connect with the guard force through the demonstration of the living presence of the creator of all things.

I must stress that any attempt to control another person through deliberate psychic attack without justifiable reason and we’re talking about saving yourself from extreme physical mental harm, then it would be considered moral malpractice.



There is only one major book in the English language that I know of which discusses the problem of psychic attack and how to defend from it. This is the long seller in the occult world psychic self-defense by Dion fortune.

Her work was first published in 1930 and it has remained a standard in the occult field ever since.

This is usually the first book of novice will come across and it is recommended reading regardless of the group that your training and.

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Now back to the story…Dion fortune was herself a victim of psychic attack, and in her book she actually describes the attack as well as the physical and mental trauma which was the result of this vicious attack.

She was a she describes herself in her book, reduced into a mental and physical wreck in the course of a year.

Eventually she was partially healed by spending time in an occult retreat, her final healing came about the she received initiation into an occult lodge that was an offshoot of the famous order of the Golden Dawn.

Which you are a privileged but also a valued member of or you are a subscriber to a mailing list and we equally value you for being a part of our group.

As she describes in her book, Dion fortune was attacked by her employer in a face-to-face confrontation, in which the employer attacked Dion fortune mentally by implanting the idea that Mrs. fortune was in fact an incompetent and worthless individual that had zero self-confidence.

The employer knew exactly how to and plunk the suggestions maliciously and intentionally into Dion fortune’s mind.

This thought was so impressed into Dion fortune’s mind that it caused her not only meant to an emotional problems, it also created in her physicality a complete lack of physical energy in fact she was drained just like a psychic vampire would however it was done through the implanting of this negative, that affected her.

Eventually she had an inability to function in the world. In effect the attack by her employer superseded all of Dion fortune subconscious beliefs to the contrary, forcing her to think and act as though she was indeed an incompetent zero self-confidence.

Dion fortune pointed out that she believed her employer had been trained in some of the occult arts in India.

This case is to demonstrate that deliberate psychic attack doesn’t need to be done in an atmosphere of mysterious spiritual atmosphere or of the arcane or ritualistic.

One reason why knowing effective protection magick would help you deal almost effortlessly with such attacks.

This Next kind of direct and confrontational psychic attack is the same as any other, except that the victim can at the least suspect that they are being psychically attacked, quite often that being told.

A witch, magician, warlock or occultist that is well versed in protection magick would deal with the following attack in an almost leisurely way, those who aren’t armed with effective protection magick may suffer the same fate though…

This kind of direct confrontational verbal attack is often used actually in military training units, with the result of the person so attacked is often rendered worthless as a combat soldier although they may still match and parade well enough.

Having lost total belief in themselves and their self-confidence they are unlikely to be able to fire their rifle effectively in the real combat situation, where self-confidence and calm self-assurance always required. Unfortunately this is the type of training that most military forces still use to this day.

Thankfully more elite units after having being brainwashed in this fashion, a built back up and the ego is actually fed so they have extreme confidence in themselves and this part of a similar highly confident group.

This is achieved by implanting very positive suggestions psychically, hypnotically and it has the inflating effect in creating Superman or Superwoman.

Now let’s get back to psychic attack some office workers, usually a small clique in an office, may amuse themselves by telling a coworker they are not looking well.

Have you ever experienced this? You’re having a pretty good day we have just arrived at the office feeling pretty good and someone deliberately comes over and say oh my God what’s wrong you look so pale you look so weak A-OK you don’t look good.

Knowing full well that the doing this deliberately to remove your self-esteem all to make you feel small this is a type of malefic psychic magic and the impressionable get affected quite badly by it.

This is as evil psychic attack is any other, and I consider this actually to be the more common form in my experience.

Another very common form of psychic attack is that which is done to promote revenge for us suppose it injury. The following case is a story that actually I was made aware of many decades ago actually but it is very good example.

I used to spend several weekends sunbathing in a small pocket in my home. One of the other regular park visitors was a middle-aged African-American lady. She was employed as a maiden one of the homes nearby. One afternoon, as the cooler days of full were approaching, she came over to the bench were a friend and I were sitting.

She joined us on the bench and proceeded to open herself up to me. She explained that she had been severely reprimanded by her employer for very small minor oversight she had made at the office.

She continued her story and told us in great detail that she was going to take revenge on her employer for embarrassing her in front of her colleagues, she went on describing the proposed revenge in detail.

She revealed that she was going to work a spell on her employer through the use of spirits that I had never heard of it that time.

By the time she had finished relating her planned revenge to us, her eyes we noticed were flaming and she was trembling and extreme emotion she had put all that energy and emotion into her feelings she was telling us what she was going to do to her employer.

She rose suddenly from the bench and walking to a nearby tree, cut a brunch from it she then walked away from us mumbling to herself while twirling the twig she held between her fingers.

As she reached the path leading from the tree she suddenly snapped the twig and through both pieces away over her left shoulder. She left the park in a half run pace, and without looking back at all. The following weekend, a Saturday to be exact in the afternoon she was back in the park.

My friend and I were sitting on my usual bench as she walked right up to us when she recognized us and she looked extremely pleased, in fact this was someone that fell or at least look like a completely different person.

She told us that her employer had broken his leg very badly, this was the exact punishment she described to us in detail the weekend before.

I’m absolutely certain this lovely lady had no idea that my friend and I spoke English as we had been speaking in another language when she first approached us because we actually wanted to avoid contact with her.

You know how it is you have certain feelings when you see people and you know if that person is a little bit odd or little bit creepy and you just don’t want to interact? Well this is how we felt when it was by her energy.

Well I really don’t think she cared what I language shortcomings were, she was just using us in a one-sided conversation to build up an emotional state of her own in preparation to commit this deliberate psychic attack on her employer.

The twig will brunch although it possibly had some type of relationship to the spirit she had mentioned, became the focal point of this malefic energy that she infused in her spell.

She transferred this energy to her employer by breaking the twig and releasing it by costing the pieces aside whilst focusing on her employer in her mind and sending out energy through her motion. Effectively she ordered her employer to break his leg and this is what happened.

This was my first introduction to American folk magic.

Another similar case was that of a young woman who was referred to me by her lover.

The woman was suffering from acute emotional trauma, frequently bursting into tears for no obvious reason.

She worked in an office in her emotional state was sufficiently bad that she was in real danger of losing her job.

After examining her, it became really obvious that the woman was the victim of a curse. The curse originated from a woman who was a total stranger to the victim and this was the puzzling thing to me.

I question the young man who brought her to me, while the victim was in another room.

The young man was able to identify the sender of the curse as a woman he had a relationship with before he had met his current lady friend.

Using protective spells and other spiritual methods I was able to break this curse on the woman and then I prepared several protective chums for both of them.

I did this because I expected the woman who had placed the curse to begin with when she found out that she had failed to harm the woman she might try and curse the man or have a second attempt at both of them.

The protection charm operated and kept the curse from reaching them.

Because she’s had sent to the man rebounded on her, the charm had achieved its desired effect. However this was not the end of this matter, on a very fine day, shortly after the man had told me the charm had certain positive effects, a young lady came to my door and explained she thought she had accidentally placed the curse on herself. She insisted that I had happened by accident, she explained that through reading a magical spell in the boat she had started reading it aloud and she belief that she activated by accident on herself.

I told her that this was impossible it’s absolutely impossible to curse oneself by reading a curse by accident and needed real intent.

So I asked her if she had a habit of cursing people especially former lovers will the new interest in the former lovers lives.

At that point she confessed that indeed it was her that place the curse. So I then proceeded and I managed to remove the curse that had rebounded on her after I had made the protective charm to create the rebound, and I extracted from her a definite promise that she would not curse people ever gain.

Now of course is no way of knowing if she kept this promise, but I’d like to believe that this event shook her up enough that she did.

There are indeed people who have the moral right to deliberately psychically attack others. These people always use that talent both wisely and carefully as last resorts, which is why they have the right to influence others in this way.