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It has been estimated  that in some places…up to 

35% of People Have Been the victim of a curse or placed under a  binding spell unlnowlingly …

…are you going to avoid being one of them?

The Modern Magick of Protection Sorcery…This greatly expanded Deluxe version is that good!

Peter Neames

Author/Critic, L.A California

Protection Magick Course 



  If you ever wanted to learn to take control of your life…Retaining your FREEDOM by removing any Hex, curse or crossed condition instantly…

then this is it!

Not only will you access powerful  effective protection  magick to give your life peace of mind, but you will learn the essential skills in magick to reconnect with the divine…

How would it be like to have your life run more smoothly, hassle free  and be in full control  of your life choices and direction?

…This is a unique course with many tools and methods not taught or found anywhere else…

These skills will also help build up your internal energy to levels you hadn’t known were possible, amplifying your ability to channel and project your power and intent more intensely to greatly drive up the success rate of your magick!

This is an all practical hands on guided Protection Magick course, no fluff no rambling, no theoretical talking head videos that do little more than waste your time and money… but a 100% hands on practical how to…

Instantly useable…



Perhaps  you suffered from sweaty sleepless nights, headaches, a racing heartbeat…an uneasiness in your head…and a feeling of dread or uneasiness in the atmosphere… that unsettles your day over and over again?

Have you ever felt more emotionally down than usual, lethargic or unhappy with life?

You understand that things could be better but somehow aren”t?

Have you needed any of the above symptoms e to stop… and desired life to return to normal…to even become better…but all you tried simply hasn’t worked?

Or do you truly have a strong desire to remove anything thats’ been holding you back and perhaps is preventing you from achieving your full capacity to attain success and happiness?

But you haven’t been able to pinpoint or understand exactly what?

Well keep reading because you just may find what you’ve been looking for…and I don’t say this lightly.


Magickal attacks or self sabotage in the form of crossed conditions are very real and extremely harmful left unchecked… you may scoff at this or have had someone laugh at the very concept when you raise this possibility…In some rare cases a persons soul may have been entrapped into a mirror or container by a skilled black magician ( This is admittedly rare but it has happened)


It is no joke to thousands of people whose lives are turned upside down …with no seeming solution or remedy they can apply…available to them…

Simple spells and one off rituals seem to be the fad, but to the majority who experience brutal curses or are unfortunate to have placed crossed conditions on themselves…it just isnt enough.

Its like fly spray against a hornet! 


But my question to you is …do you really want a real workable effective solution?

Because in Protection Magick the deluxe course you will…

Find out How you can achieve complete Magical Protection…

…and remove any Curses, crossed conditions, entrapments, Hexes or harmful Malevolent Magick from you – immediately…right now!

 keep yourself and your loved ones safe now and secured in the future.

So look inside of yourself…Are you serious? or simply a dabbler?

Why am I asking…simply because…


This course is NOT for dabblers therefore only the serious should read on…

Sol if you are still here and have read this far…then you must be serious…you may well be a suitable candidate for this effective course.

In Protection magick the deluxe course you will…

Learn how  and why these simple protection magick methods are so effective … even beyond your wildest expectations…I’m not kidding…

Seem like a TOO BIG TO BE TRUE promise?

Keep reading (or scroll the page to the course reviews now) and see what others have to say …

about their experience and results they’ve had with the protection magick course…then you be the judge.

Now you may be here because you probably have tried everything to solve a serious problem…

…or perhaps you need effective protection magick in giving you healing, peace of mind in removing what appears to be a  string of really bad luck?

Perhaps nothing is going right for you in your life?

…or you feel something is definitely holding you back and you simply don’t know why?

Well, did you ever think that You…truly could be the target right now of malevolent magick and not even know it…?

This is where knowing effective protection magick becomes a game changer.



You may be the target of a malevolent person/s that use black magick, and not even know it… here is a small quick checklist to be sure:

…Have you ever suffered a  strange run of bad luck?

Suddenly became very prone to accidents and mishaps?

Have you ever began having panic attacks and/or bouts of insomnia, that isnt normal for you?

…strong persistent headaches?

…or feeling rather depressed? or do you suffer from bad health and feeling lethargic for no known good reason?


There have been many books supposedly written on protection magick, and you probably read a lot of them,

…but  perhaps none have actually helped you cleanse, seek out, and destroy the root of the problem.

The only true remedy is if you can keep yourself  and your loved ones protected from any future attacks…

And you need proven defense magick to do it.

Its because in most of these books , if not all, these effective protection magick secrets have been left out…

Either because the Author did not have the actual real world magical knowledge…


…or the publishing company did not want to venture into areas they could potential be legally liable for.

Or … the Author simply did not want you to know too much without you joining their organisation first…

At the end of the Day the Publishers held editorial control over the protection magick manuscripts, and the reader ended up getting less than expected.

Till now, that is…


NOW…you will be given the opportunity to find solutions to your problems in life in this unique first of its kind protection magick course…

How would your life benefit by being able to instantly put an end to any suffering you may have been experiencing, due to black magick?

This protection magick course provides you with “Real magical solutions” that give you the results you need!


But do not take my word for it, read the reviews and  testimonials for yourself…

You will have the means available at your fingertips right here in this course …

…to remove any curses, crossed conditions or types of malevolent magick from your life, and the lives of your loved ones right away!

Use it …and open your life once more to the benevolent energy currents of abundance, happiness & prosperity.

Even if magick is completely new to you, everything you need to know…in order to put an end to curses or crossed conditions… is included in this groundbreaking protection magick course.

High Percentage Protection Magick is perfect for beginners while giving advanced protection to the more seasoned experienced occultists too.

This form of hands-on practical magick is completely safe and emphasizes keeping you free from danger.

Or… you can choose to continue as you have been doing and live with your present conditions…the choice is absolutely yours and yours alone to make…

But before you go…you may want to watch this informative short video…and find out more.

Click here or…


The Habondia Goddess Protection rite and the How to Potions audio are totally Awesome!
Julia Stephenson

Light worker, Ohio USA

Defense Magick I didn’t know I needed.

I suffered from unexplainable chronic headaches, soon after a male colleague began giving me more attention than the other women in the office.

I started losing clients that had been loyal for years for no apparent reason and  lost upcoming promotions because of it.

My life that once had gone so smoothly seemed to be in an out of control downwards spiral.

After a friend suggested I see a clairvoyant I was skeptical, but low and behold she soon revealed something I had suspected.

That a jealous female co worker was placing persistent curses and using black magick to attack me, potentially because I had been receiving the attention of a male she had the hots for.

I desperately tried a lot of the suggestions in books out there as well as online, however nothing seemed to shake these crossed conditions completely off of me, only slight improvements temporarily, and then back to feeling oppressed and hunted.

Finally a friend sent me a link by email about the High Percentage Protection Magick Manual a few months ago .

I tried the habondia rite, then used the planetary iron ring protection charging rital and finally the Unique Return curse to sender spell.

The manual was loaded with little but powerful modifications & rituals that I couldn’t find anywhere else, from simple to more elaborate methods,this manual simply blew me away, but I was still skeptical.

Within 2 days of performing the 3 rituals I selected from the manual, my headaches were gone.

I felt more empowered upon waking each day, my supervisors looked at me more cheerfully and started complimenting my work efforts more…

I started gaining new clients and some (not all) that had left were showing signs of returning.

Life started turning around for the better, I feel like a huge cloud has been lifted from me.

-PS, update I finally got promoted to Chief Designer! and the colleague I suspected of having cursed me was suddenly transferred to a small town branch office hundreds of miles away! Wow!

Mandy Davenport

Designer, Boston Massachusetts

protection magick course

Protection Magick

Have you ever wanted to know How to achieve complete Protection and remove any Curses, crossed conditions, Hexes or Malevolent magick from you – right now!

and keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the future…

These simple protection magick methods are so effective it is even beyond your wildest hopes…

Did you ever think that You may be the target of malevolent magick and not even know it…?
You may be the target of malevolent magick and not even know it…

…ever suffered


a strange run of bad luck?

Suddenly became very prone to accidents and mishaps?

Have you ever began having panic attacks and bouts of


…strong persistent headaches?

…or feeling rather depressed?

There have been many books supposedly written on protection magick, yet none actually help you cleanse, seek out, destroy the root of the problem and then keep you protected from any future occurrences…

These secrets have been left out till now, you will find solutions to your problems in life in this unique first of its kind course…

This course provides you with “Real magickal solutions” that give you real results you want & need!

But do not take my word for it, read the testimonials for yourself…

You have the means available at your fingertips right here in this course to remove any curses, crossed conditions or types of malevolent magick from your life, and the lives of your loved ones right now.

…and open your life once again to the benevolent energy currents of abundance, happiness & prosperity.

Even if magick is completely new to you, everything you need to know is included in this groundbreaking course.

High Percentage Protection Magick is perfect for beginners while giving advanced protection to the more seasoned experienced occultists too.

This form of hands-on practical magick is completely safe and emphasizes keeping you free from danger.

Or you can choose to continue as you have been doing and live with your present conditions…the choice is absolutely yours and yours alone to make…

But before you go…you may want to watch this informative short video…and find out more.

habondia ritual


  • Regain control over every aspect of your life
  • Eliminate concerns of suffering repeat attacks forever
  • No more unexplained headaches
  • Erase feelings of being oppressed or depression completely
  • Attain a happier more positive mood
  • Realize New opportunities opening up for you
  • Your health and mental well being improves markedly
  • Experience more joy and fulfillment in your life
  • Notice Your magical abilities growing
  • Suddenly Your magickal workings attain the results you set out to manifest
  • Put an end to persecution and torment for good



The Deluxe Version of High Percentage Protection Magick contains 19 full detailed chapters, including more advanced protection rituals and rites many of which are revealed for the first time ever in full form.

candle protection


  • You Get The DELUXE Manual, all 24 full chapters with full colour diagrams 
  • You Get the entire Manual in Audio form broken down into easily assimilated chapters to study & practice from
  • You get the How to make Powerful potions for Love, Success & prosperity Audio course FREE! -A highly sought out very popular course!
  • Learn the once secret Habondia Ancient Goddess Home Protection Rite, Her lost sigil and complete Rite revealed here for the first time ever!
  • How to Seal the Psychic door on your body,most don’t even know about
  • Learn proper Ancestral Veneration – the Ancient backup you never knew you had – You will be shown how to actually perform it effectively, unbelievable results when implemented!
  • The viking Protective Planetary iron ring Charging Ritual – the included charging altar diagram is revealed for the first time
  • The 3 most powerful Solomonic Talismans and the correct way to charge them that boosts your defences and abilities 400%
  • How to quickly reverse and return curses back to the sender with 100% certainty
  • The 10 stones/crystals you absolutely must have in your arsenal and how they will give you the advantage
  • The powerful sigil of Goddess Habondia found in a cave in Turin Italy, used by the Vercelli Magickal Family -finally revealed!
  • The improved Marseilles vinegar magickal elixir and why its more potent than common 4 thieves vinegar
  • The best uncrossing oil formula and which ritual you should use to have enemies fear you
  • How to heal and regenerate your Auric field to restore vitality, Happiness and protection
  • The Decoy that guarantees you a good nights rest and foils your attackers 10 times out of 10
  • The 5 most effective ritual baths and the special you need to include in your routine for complete uncrossing and banishment of curses
  • The two most powerful authentic Tibetan Talismans your home can’t afford to be without
  • The Aura shield method and how to infuse your psychic centers with selected frequencies of divine light
  • How to close your mind to attack as a natural defense, 2 things you must know
  • All this and much more…
  • Includes a special Bonus Audio Course : How to make Powerful Potions for Love, Success and prosperity!
  • NEW! Alpha State Inducer & Magickal frequencies MP3s to powercharge all your magick
  • NEW release, The Full Habondia Yearly Rite and drawing down real magickal power ritual (first time ever in English)
  • 3 videos guiding you through must do magickal breathing exercises to increase your power… 
  • The Taoist CPH Ritual-How to restore Harmony and healing
archangel Michael protection
I downloaded the free 8 chapter version and that was good! this 19 chapter Deluxe version plus How to make Powerful Potions Audio bundle , is amazing! The potion works! The most helpful resource out there yet! thank you!
Katrina Jones

Philadelphia USA

“This is possibly the most complete and powerful grimoire of protection magick that is out there today.

A splendid mixture of Western and Eastern traditions to give the reader the most versatile arsenal of spells and rituals there is.

This tome consists of both internal and external practises with in depth explanation on how to perform it.

No longer will proper protection magick be unavailable for the uninitiated.

With this book you will learn how to rid yourself of ongoing attacks as well as prevent it from ever happening again!”

Cain D. Thorson

Vocalist, Seventh Dimension, Stockholm, Sweden

high percentage protection magick
eBook + AudioBook + 3 Special Bonuses

The High Percentage Protection Magick Manual comes with the MP3s of each Chapter so you can listen to most of the course in the comfort of wherever you desire.  This is a $34 Value included FREE!   23 Chapters on Audio as MP3 files…

BONUS AUDIO #1  $34 Value FREE!

potions for love and prosperity

Learn the real secret to creating Magickal Potions & Elixirs that actually work!

  • Which Elements are receptive to Energy and which Elements send energy and how to use both  correctly
  • Why the Binary system is key and the duality principle
  • The Magickal secret the Catholic church understood and used so successfully since the early beginnings
  • Herbs & candles in potion creation
  • How to become infused with the magickal qualities imparted to your potion
  • The simple secrets of charging a potion and that most witches, magicians and sorcerers overlook or get totally wrong
  • The step by step formula & guide on how to create the most potent love potion and success potion
  • Plus much much more! you have in your hands a course that will lay out the steps and methods on how to make powerful potions and elixirs, after learning these steps and methods thoroughly you will be able to create virtually any potion for any circumstance!
BONUS AUDIO #2  $30 Value FREE!
magical relaxation
Proper relaxation of each body part is essential in allowing the full benefit of the psychic centers to properly circulate energy.

This guided relaxation exercise will remove blockages and tensions throughout your body so the proper levels of magickal and divine energy currents can flow through your system on call without hindrance.

A fully relaxed semi trance state allows yo to easily enter the alpha and theta states at will to help you make very powerful magick!

BONUS AUDIO #3  $30 Value FREE!
Magickal Ring
This Special added bonus is The Magickal Ring of Protection Activator Ritual.

You will perform this special Activation Rite  After you have charged your iron planetary ring of protection.

It adds a special layer of infused energy that ties your Auric field with the rings protective charge and draws the divine source energy in a loop, thus amplifying your protective shield by 400%

An absolutely super ritual of immense power!

BONUS #4 Alpha STATE Inducer & Magickal Frequencies MP3s

Alpha state frequency

One of the most powerful additions to your magickal repertoire, incorporating these magickal frequencies will amplify all your magick immensely! and the thing is almost no one is doing this! THIS GIVES YOU THE EDGE…

high percentage magick
protection magick course


  • You get the 24 Chapter, 228 page PDF fully illustrated Deluxe manual
  • How to Make powerful Potions, prosperity and success MP3 Audio tutorials
  • High Percentage Protection Magick Audio version in MP3 format
  • Magickal Ring of Protection Activator Ritual MP3
  • Relaxation Practice for Magickal Workings MP3
  • Special Alpha State inducer & Magickal Frequency MP3s
  • Must know Magickal Breathing guided exercises Videos
  • Example schedule Mindmap to help implement protection magick and empower you to success


HPM is excellent.I bought it a while back and have been doing the
rituals suggested in there. My life has changed to the better and
problems I was having have disappeared. I feel lighter and more
abundant. Thank you, Andrew, for this excellent program.


Illinois, USA

Protection magick – Deluxe Mastery course

protection magick course
protection magick course
protection magick course

I am going to review the book called High Percentage Magick Protection Magick – the Deluxe Version by Seventh Phoenix. It has been a while since I’ve read it but it is still one of my favourites.

I have gone through the book several times, and just as I do with any other interesting grimoire, I try out the rituals to see if it’s legit or not.

And I must confess, this is by far the most versatile and complete book on protection magick that I have ever seen as well as the most powerful and effective one.

It really lives up to the title and the author has covered everything a magician would ever need in his/her life when it comes to protection.

It is written in a form that feels like the author is talking directly to the reader with clear instructions that anyone can follow.

With 24 powerful techniques, both simple and advanced from many different traditions, this book is a must have for any serious magician.

I will now introduce you the the chapters:

The first ritual is a ridiculously simple ward with a water glass that yet is so effective that one won’t believe it until he/she has tried it. I’ve used this myself with such efficiency that if I would be lazy and skip it one night the difference is duly noticed.

In the second chapter the reader will be introduced to how to properly use incense to both cleanse and ward off negative energies and spiritual influence and also includes a section where we will get effective pointers that’ll polish the LRP to perfection.

The third chapter describes several different ritual baths that will cover every single need. In this chapter the author thoroughly guides the reader through every step in detail along with pre-rituals, prayers and invocations.

The two following chapters contain talismanic magick from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition which I found extremely interesting since I have never worked with that system before.

In these chapters you will find an even deeper level of protection, where the protection is also taken to a level of dissolving negative karma from our lives.

The sixth chapter is a fast an effective spell to the beloved and famous Saint Expedite to get things moving and happening faster.

The seventh chapter describes how to strengthen your aura so that the magician is both rejuvenated, healthy as well as stronger against attacks.

It is proper energy work and something every magician needs in their arsenal, beginners and experienced ones.

In chapter 8 and 9 Seventh Phoenix explains aspects of psychic attacks and how to defend oneself from it that are not commonly known even among occultists. Hidden openings in our psyche that can lead to serious issues if we don’t become aware of it and seal it.

The Great Work is not complete without the acknowledgement of our ancestors and loved ones and in the tenth chapter the reader will find a proper ritual on how to bring them into his/her life for both protection and spiritual well-being.

The chapter also contains some very good pointers to make the ancestral workings even more powerful.

In chapter 11 guides the reader through how to make a proper uncrossing oil and how to exorcize with it.

I’ve never been much for hoodoo myself but after trying this one out I’ve begun to learn more about it.

The chapter contains two long rituals on how to consecrate the oil and how perform the actual uncrossing.

The following chapter is my absolute favourite and contains three extremely powerful protection rituals from the Solomonic tradition.

The author has added elements from eastern yoga to make the flow of energy even stronger, and the layout of the rituals are very interesting and appealing.

Next two chapters covers how to make two other important oils/sprays for protection.

The Famous Marseilles Vinegar is presented in an improved form and the reader will get proper instructions on how to make it and consecrate it as well as several good ideas on how to use it with efficiency. The second formula is a cleansing spray to remove negative energies in a place.

Chapter 15 explains how to make an extremely powerful amulet using planetary magick along with other techniques. If one is into planetary or kabbalistic magick he/she will definitely find the correspondences in this ritual interesting.

Next chapter enters the pagan aspect of magick and the reader will learn an elaborate ritual on how to invoke an ancient goddess through prayer and materia magick to effectively seal off your entire home and whereabouts from unwanted external influences.

The following two chapters explains both how to reverse and return curses and attacks made upon you or someone else as well as how to make your own protective red brick dust. The author shows how to use magick to fortify traditional recipes and make it even stronger.

and so on with more advanced methods…

In the final chapter the reader will get a list of numerous crystals and their different protective qualities as well as how to use them in an effective way.

So to summarize it all, if you feel like the knowledge and understanding you have of protection magick isn’t enough or if your rituals aren’t working 100% for you then this is the book you need to get.

Like I said earlier, it covers absolutely everything there is about protection magick and it display it in a new an interesting way.

Just like most rituals and techniques from Seventh Phoenix, there is a firm understanding of the magical principals and the cultural traditions from which the spell derives, and he uses interesting corresponding techniques from all of them to his advantage to re-create the most effective way of doing magick in our modern society.

With these methods I have been able to improve many areas of my life that felt stuck or trapped before, my musical career has taken off and even though I am a specialist at Goetic invocation and evocation.

I never experienced the impact that working through these methods in the book and course have given me.

The results speak for themselves and its why I am raving about how good this book and course really is.

I am sure if you want real results to propel your magick and improve your circumstances that you would love this book and course as much as I do.


Blessed be
Cain D. Thorson

Cain D. Thorson

Author, Rock Singer and Professional Occultist

habondia protection magick