Planetary Magick

Welcome to learning more about Planetary Magick…

Ancient occultist’s and magicians of the far off past considered the heavens above us as being composed of ever-expanding balls of spheres enclosed one into another like a Russian doll.

These energy like spheres were made up of spiritual substances and each of them occupied by the forces and energies of the seven known ancient planets, this is the basis of planetary magick.

These planets and energies expanded outward and you would travel through these spheres until you eventually entered the highest planes or heavens as they were known were the ultimate creator the God Force source exists.

All of these interconnecting spheres of energy and planes contained a vast array of spiritual beings; angels, gods and also demonic entities and demigods who controlled various aspects of nature and spiritual energy in the different planes, planetary magick encompasses a lot more than you may have been aware of.

Here again we obviously no longer believe this to be literally true in physical reality however there is still a spiritual and energetic validity to this concept in regards to planetary magick, as we know because we do work within our capacity with various spiritual, daemonic/angelic beings.

All of these energies also are interconnected with our conscious and subconscious minds and our auric spheres to some extent.

We could also say they are interconnected with our superconscious mind.

this is important to understand if your planetary magick is to be successful…in produce a desired result.

The separation is based on the formula of the planets are naturally synthetic, however, they are a very convenient way of classifying things so that we may meaningfully deal with them.

There are also now known to be more than seven ancient planets in our solar system, and in the future, this may even keep being added to, however as we are talking about the seven ancient planets we will simply concern ourselves to reference these seven.


I’m going to list some attributes for these ancient planets that form our basis of planetary magick, which are general but crucial to know in regards to powerful planetary magick, Ive listed them below:


Moon: imagination, subconscious, emotion, instinct

Mercury: reason, logic, communication, knowledge

Venus: passion, aesthetics, nurture, love

Sun: harmony, wholeness, balance, beauty

Mars: Force, strength, justice, violence

Jupiter: abundance, leadership, generosity, vision

Saturn: limitation, structure, severity, responsibility


I’m going to list how these energies can be used for magical purposes in the following aspects:

Moon: for increasing imagination, improving instinct, connecting with your subconscious mind, for altering and developing certain emotions.

Connecting with the astral world, developing clairvoyant abilities and enhancing your dreams, for getting at deep sleep, also working with the ocean.

Mercury: for improving communication and developing reasoning abilities, becoming more logical, to gain hidden in secret knowledge, for success in tests and exams.

For traffic safety and efficiency in travel, for business success, for improving your writing ability, getting into and succeeding in school or academic vocations, for learning sciences or medicine or mathematics.

Developing the mind, for self-improvement in general, statistics and calculations or complex systems.

Venus: to gain romantic favors, gaining love, creating desire and improving as well is developing your parents aesthetically, to become more nurturing, to enhance one’s beauty.

Increasing your pleasure as well as appreciating and creating new forms of art, acquiring luxury and creating luxurious things or surroundings, enhancing femininity.

The sun: to improve overall balance, harmony, establishing wholeness, developing friendships, improving vitality as well as health, regaining use and beauty, finding peace.

Experiencing illumination, obtaining windfalls of money and riches, gaining divine power.

Mars: bringing justice to are situation, dealing with the courts so they favor you, developing strength and passion, applying force, understanding and directing violent urges, enhancing one’s energy, creating or stopping wars or thoughts of anger and destruction.

Using aggression, developing courage, winning in competitions and battles, improving your standing in athletic events, enhancing and increasing masculinity.

Jupiter: increasing generosity, creating an understanding abundance and wealth, developing effective leadership skills, becoming a visionary, receiving favors.

Acquiring influence and prestige, acquiring wealth, resolving legal issues, attracting good luck and fortune, bringing in personal expansion and development.

Saturn: understanding and creating structures, overcoming or creating limitations, developing responsibility, becoming more serious or severe, understanding the laws of reincarnation.

Understanding death, receiving inheritances, extending life, exerting dominants or destructive energies to end things.

So as you use this as your reference when doing your spell work with the planetary and elementary energies naturally you will want to create the appropriate atmosphere and the best way to achieve this is by incorporating and using objects and visualizations that match and are congruent with these energies.


There are hundreds of traditional correspondences.


You will have to research and find the appropriate incense or geometric shapes as well as gemstones herbs names of gods and several other things however I’m going to list a couple below that you might find useful in particular incenses.


Saturn triangle myrrh

Jupiter Square Cedar

Mars pentagram red pepper or tobacco

Sun hexagram frankincense

Venus heptagram benzoin

Mercury Octagram sandalwood

moon enneagram camphor


Fire red triangle cinnamon

Water silver crescent Cedar

Air blue circle sandalwood

Earth yellow square myrhh


Now one of the most effective and best ways in creating an appropriate atmosphere for working your magic with these energies is by the use of color.

However, feel free to use any color or shades that you desire or add more of what you want from other correspondences that you will learn through your own research and study.

The effect of color on your conscious mind is instant and rather automatic. You have doubtlessly already experienced this from your work in magic and in your own life.

However by building up the colors in your imagination, along with the appropriate arch typical idea behind the energies of the planets or these elements, you will be instantly attracting and drawing in its power into your own consciousness and inside your magical circle.

In other words, if you imagine an orange glow filling your circle while you also imagined the qualities of heat dryness and expansion you will be tapping into the spiritual energies of fire.

It really is that simple, once you have established this connection you will be able to direct that energy and any which way you like, or even contact the spiritual entities of fire.


When you work with the four elements the following colors of the traditional ones used by most magicians:


Fire: red or red-orange

Water: blue or blue-green

Air: yellow or blue

Earth: green, black or brown


When working with the planets these following reference colors other traditional ones:


Saturn: black or violet

Jupiter: blue or violet

Mars: red

sun: yellow or gold

Venus: green

Mercury: Orange or mixed colors

moon: violet, blue or silver


Naturally, you can use whatever colors you feel like in your own practice however these that I’ve listed above were the traditional colors that have been used for many centuries.

These colors reference should be built up powerfully within your own imagination first in order to form the general atmosphere of your working, however, you can also use colored cloth’s or colored papers and candles in your ritual space if you have these things available.

You will definitely not want to have a lot of unrelated colors in your working space when you do this is these will be distracting.

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