Magickal Protection

The Power tool of Magickal protection

Hi, today we will go over why  an intensive course in magickal protection  can boost your magick.

Not just a spell or a ritual when you think you need it, I am talking about a full on course that takes you to a completely new level of magickal prowess.

This is an extremely important area of magic, that most witches, magical practitioners and occultists neglect, overlook protection magick or merely dabble in it until the inevitable happens.

It is like an insurance policy; most people don’t consider taking one out until they have had a serious enough accident.

You probably don’t need me pointing out how ineffective this ‘’Wait until its Too Late ‘’ approach is…not to mention counterproductive.

It is akin to buying a house with a leaky roof or no roof at all… not worrying about putting the time in or footing the bill because everything seems fine…

That is until it starts to rain, then panic sets in as you realize your vulnerability and your lack of tools and materials and know how to protect the contents of your home.


You simply got caught unprepared and now you are exposed to the bitter consequences of the damage that rain will cause to the contents of your house.

So again, think about this…do you remember a famous line in that old Steven Seagal movie Under Siege 2? You know the one where they are on the hijacked train…

There is one scene Travis Dane playing the role of the perennial villain Penn states “Chance favors the prepared mind..’’ because through his preparation he holds all the cards against the US intelligence and military…

Well this is exactly how you need to approach Magick and life…you need to plan…not be lazy or blasé…you need to put effort into covering all your bases by becoming as good as you can it!

Well those are my thoughts about it …by experience.

You do gain very favorable benefits from studying protection magick such as:


– Regain control over every aspect of your life

– Put an end to unexplained headaches and sleepless nights

– Protect yourself from the nastiest curses and Hexes

– Call upon the most powerful pagan god and goddess for 24 hour spiritual protection

– Remove and banish crossed conditions and curses forever

– Attain peace of mind knowing nothing will be ever able to harm you again

– Gain the key magickal skills that will amplify all your other magickal rituals, spells  and workings by 400%(that’s my experience anyways)

– Have the advantage of mastering one of the most useful types of magick few others get really good at

– Propel your life from one of misery or hurt into one of happiness and fulfillment

– Attract and infuse yourself with powerful, positive and beneficial spiritual/magickal  currents only a handful of really great magicians know about

Take a look again above at the many benefits becoming proficient in protection magic will give you.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This reminds me, we’re going to sidetrack just  little, about a story I heard…


So a fairly popular occult author who claimed to be able to use the deities and God’s /goddesses being used by another occultist …against him… in a magical attack.

This author claimed that having a stronger connection to a particular deity enabled him to petition that deity to sabotage his target ( who also worshipped the same deity) magical workings and create problems.

A few points here, it is highly doubtful unless you’re foolish enough to publish and let everyone know the deities you are working closely with, that another magician would be able to turn that deity against you.

It just doesn’t work that way, I mean it’s like saying someone could influence your parents to do harm to you, possibly, but it would be an extremely rare case.

More likely this just was an empty boast.

I mean unless you’re working with very dubious, nefarious and dark deities with demons… it just would not happen that you would get stabbed in the back.

If we talk about demons and the very nefarious types then maybe.



protection magick course

Most deities can be petitioned for protection but if they are also being worshiped by another that is targeting you these deities won’t  turn against you… they could be petitioned to intervene in peacemaking but that’s about the extent.

Protection magic and magickal protection rituals on the other hand is using magic, amulets, power circles, infusing your self with divine energies as well as performing occult rituals… and calling upon deities , your bloodline ancestors to shield you from unnecessary attacks, covert agendas to harm you and evil entities  from influencing you.

You probably get the picture that if you are free from the above negative influences, then your life will run much more smoothly as a result of not being impeded by anything nefarious.

You’ll also be able to better direct life in the direction you want to steer it to without any interference and without needing to constantly look behind you to guard your back.

Be able to avoid unnecessary stresses and underlying causes of sabotage, meaning less disappointment even in failures of magic, you will have the peace of mind knowing youre safe.

The practice of working on your protection magick, also enables you to develop very strong focus to do the work, stick with the work as well as use time to plan effective rituals, practice and put in a powerful performance.

As I mentioned before, too many are into the fast food system of magick…their attention spans and stamina is at an all time low…

In order to be successful with protection magick especially in the first several years…( yes all great things take time to hone to their ultimate levels ) Will power and discipline are definites in success…

…once you become skilled through years of practice and honing…that is where minimalism works…because you have the skills, power and abilities.

Not before.

Have you ever heard of a shaolin warrior becaoming highly skilled  above and beyond the levels most mortals ever attain…in a year> or two? nope!

Contrary to the new age garbage many are being fed, to become truly amazing and to weild true power beyond all others…you need to put the time to build up these powers and energetic currents within…

Later on…when you reach adept level, indeed everything can and should be stripped down, you will be able to make everything work then…but not before.

Magickal protection training builds up ypour powers like no other magick can…

Projecting powerful enough internal magical and external divine energies, drawing down ever increasing refined levels of these currents of magical and divine energies takes practice and time…

But its all worth it!

This has the side effect of making all your magical workings more powerful, your ability to focus, visualize and direct your will along with raising the necessary emotional levels…

… combined with the drawing down divine magical energy currents… and then directing those energies, intent, emotion in a magical act that results in an actual manifestation…


Now at this juncture you may be wondering…But there just isn’t a curriculum of protection magick available? Or the books on it are very sparse on info…

So what can I do?

Well if you’ve looked around and found nothing to your liking…

I may be able to help…

To this end we have put together a very effective and unique one of a kind protection magick course which if you are ready…to do the work…will give you definite results…

I can say that because of what feedback I have received…and its plenty…

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