Adeptus level Magick

Learn Secrets Most ordinary people, Magicians, Witches, and even Sorcerors Don’t Know Exist.

Have you ever thought…

What would it be like to Wield Unworldly Power?


What if you could access superhuman abilities by knowing how to utilize a specific sequence of advanced magickal techniques and principles that have for centuries been guarded secrets?

Imagine all the things you wanted to do but weren’t able to…till now…

And the craziest part is – every single one of us can tap into those same superpowers.

You just need to know how.

And that is precisely what you will learn from these fantastic hands-on webinar tutorials!

If you are curious about how far you can go in Magick, and if this sounds like something up your alley…then read so


The contents of this unique one-of-a-kind course in advanced magick is not for the faint of heart, the dabbler, the immature, or mere wanna-be’s…If you are not serious about becoming far and above the average or even senior magician…and if you are not prepared to put in the hard work to get there, then turn back now and do something else!

This is powerful effective fast magick that must be approached seriously by those who are ready for such a gift.


Adeptus Magick

 What’s so special or different about this course?

Well to put it concisely…You have never seen nor experienced anything quite like this!


Nor have you ever been given the opportunity to learn and use Magick that is so effective, that many secret societies, occult leaders and Magickal orders are fuming over it…because they cannot match it nor even get close to the effectiveness that the Mage Energetics Adeptus course can give you, but don’t take my word for it… read the reviews by the few students that were allowed to take this course live online in the summer of 2022! 



I really enjoy your Adeptus course, your course goes way beyond the golden dawn and other books on Magick


United States of America

I finally did the circle of protection, really good stuff. I’m somewhat amazed by certain synchronicities.

As I’m writing this(like now) the 3 big circles became the Ain- Soph- Aur and the 4 smaller circle representing the 4 words of creation. I’m overwhelmed right now


United States of America

Thank you so much for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

After being part of Mage Energetics I feel this is the next step in taking what I have learnt to the next level.
In gratitude


This was the most effective and intense course in magic I have ever undertaken, some rituals and methods seem easy, yet the presentation is uniquely different.

The impact that this course has had on my life is beyond words, simply powerful!

Paul S

United Kingdom

I needed this course, it is so much more than an eye-opener.

This course and the unique magic revealed, totally saved my life.


Sri Lanka

I want to extend gratitude your way for this amazing course. I want to share that yesterday I woke feeling under the weather. Went to work. When I got home I did some exercises with the intent to repel sickness. I woke up this morning feeling fantastic. I did get one weird result with the third eye exercise. After I did it I went to the bathroom and I kept on seeing a circle of blue light going up the bathroom wall. It happened about 4 times. It was beautiful though.

-Luciano C (Australia)

Luciano C.










So why do you need this course?


  • The fastest and most potent method to open your third eye safely to its full magickal potential
  • 4 methods to help you learn magick 10x faster than normal
  • The 1 thing you must practice that guarantees you will become the most powerful version of yourself (This will blow your mind)
  • How to cultivate and send supercharged magickal rays to influence and control others (use this dominant secret ethically please, it is extremely powerful)
  • The secret way to tap into these unique universal energies for effective instantaneous healing
  • How to Magically alter the properties of water for miracle making
  • Inner secret practices for refining yourself and achieving complete spiritual growth (almost lost ancient Japanese warrior monk system) revealed
  • Lunar energy/solar energy, simple magick for turning crystals into a magical never-ending power source
  • What is the one quality a magician needs to develop that you absolutely need to know, to guarantee your magick works 100% of the time
  • The most powerful Circle of Protection known to exist… you get to learn it in full form and see how to construct it for the very first time outside of Japan- Finally revealed! This is it!
  • Learn why this special circle of protection is virtually impenetrable to anyone, anything and why it works 100% all the time
  • Secrets of activating your DNA Magickally and what massive advantage in all aspects of your life you get once you do this
  • DNA healing secret method from the Vercelli Magickal family line not known outside of Turin, Italy
  • The truth about Human origins, our spiritual destiny, and how to escape the Trap
  • The best and easiest way to achieve out-of-the-body experiences safely taught step by step
  • how to escape the Karma and the Karma trap? reality or illusion? all will be explained
  • How to become the most powerful version of yourself magickally
  • A tried and true Ancient Magickal longevity formula for health and longevity, the secrets of the mountain monks of Japan, now in your hands
  • How to contact and connect with the 7 guarded spiritual lords on the 7 different higher planes to guide you in all your magickal and spiritual endeavors
  • Magickal secrets to influence others at will (use this ethically, it is one of the most powerful and practical forms of magick you will ever learn)



  • Collectors and inactive types that like something on the shelf and believe they are magicians without doing the actual work
  • Those who are NOT willing to put in a little bit of time each and every day to better themselves with this powerful magick
  • LARPers -Live-action role players that want to pretend to be a member of this group merely for bragging rights



  • Those ready for the so-called red pill, because this course is going to give you a rude awakening and put you into the driver’s seat right from day one
  • For those who have at least completed Module 4 of the groundbreaking Mage Energetics Magick course, this course will add a huge boost to what you have learned thus far.
  • Experienced Magicians that have probably seen it all…well, you haven’t, but after this course, you will have and you can thank me later for the massive leap forward you are about to make and will continue making well after you complete it
  • Dabblers, those not able to respect truly serious Life changing Magick

and the good part is that it’s all ready to download instantly so you can get the advantage of these super magical methods very few ever get to learn about.

So now the decision of your lifetime is in your hands…


Take the blue pill and remain where you are, your journey ends now


Take the red pill , Enter and click to claim your undeniable magickal destiny!

…Times a ticking, I hope to see you on the inside!