Today I want to touch upon the excuse for failure.

We all have the same number of hours in each day, although, granted indeed some have more personal obligations to fulfil than others.

Yet time management and maintaining maximum efficient usage of your 24 allotted hours per day, is very rarely done.

Quite often the excuse of, I don’t have time, or I’m too tired is the fallback excuse used.

Another one is from those that simply believe they don’t need to do any more than utter a word and do the minimum, yet expect great results…

I tell you that is the end goal, but in order to get there like any master of any trade, you need to apply yourself to learn diligently all you can, put the time to accumulate and channel ever-increasing magickal and divine energies.


Then only after you have reached that peak, can you effectively peel back and minimize everything to its most simplest form and actually have the power to manifest major results!


Instead, we have too many dreamers, lazy protagonists of nonsense that want the McDonalds approach, these types talk big and fib a lot about fake results, in reality they are nothing short of failures.


One reason very few chaos magicians actually ever attain anything is because of this very attitude, the ones that are good at it are those that had put the time and effort to build up their magickal abilities…these types are rare.

Therefore…the key is to manage your time and DO THE WORK!

Let me tell you then, I have no difficulty in living on twenty-four hours a day.

I do all that I want to do, and still find time to go in for reading and practicing magick and performing all my spiritual exercises on top of obligations to my home and community.

Surely it is a simple process, knowing that one has only twenty-four hours a day, to content one’s self with twenty-four hours a day! And not see it as an excuse to procrastinate?”

Several people often tell me that they present their excuses and apologies. Saying that I am precisely the man that they have been wishing to meet all this time.

They often proceed to ask if I will coach them privately, telling them how to do it.

Instead of me talking to you, you ought to be talking to me.

Please coach and advise me they say.

They go on to comment what a pity it has been that they didn’t meet someone like me earlier. Meanwhile, until I take them on as students, they would continue to chat with their buddies in distress—that innumerable band of souls who are haunted, more or less painfully, by the feeling that the years slip by, and slip by, and slip by, and that they have not yet been able to get their lives into proper working order.

If we analyze that feeling, we shall perceive it to be, primarily, one of uneasiness, of expectation, of looking forward, of aspiration.

It is a source of constant discomfort, for it behaves like a skeleton at the expense of all our fun planned events.

We go to the theatre and laugh; but between the acts it raises a skinny finger at us.

We rush violently for the last train, bus or cab and while we are cooling a long age on the platform waiting for the last train, bus or cab  it promenades its bones up and down by our side and inquires: “O man, what has happened to your youthfulness? What are you doing with your time?”

You may urge that this feeling of continuous looking forward, of aspiration, is part of life itself, and inseparable from life itself. This is in fact very True!

But there are degrees.

A man may strongly desire to go to Mecca.

His conscience tells him that he ought to go to Mecca.

He may probably never reach Mecca; he may drown before he gets to Port Said; he may perish ingloriously on the coast of the Red Sea; his desire may remain eternally an unaccomplished frustration.

This Unfulfilled aspiration may always trouble him. But he will not be tormented in the same way as the man who, desiring to reach Mecca, and deeply troubled by the desire to reach Mecca, gives in and loses his drive, and as a result never leaves his hometown at all.

So, what does this all have to do with your magick? Your skill level? Your spiritual growth?

Quite simply that just running through things in your head will not make it happen.

You have to commit to a plan , a schedule and the plan doesn’t have to be too rigid…but you have to make a schedule be it daily, weekly and monthly…and then plan out a longer term (loosely) yearly plan.

Pin these to a wall.

Especially the weekly and monthly ones and write up everything you need to do each day, of course leave room to adjust for the unexpected.

But be sure to plan your day and week and month…map it all out. Put in when you wake up and when you will sleep, when you will perform each exercise and ritual…meet friends etc.…

Because if you don’t do this. Time will slip on by and you my friend, might be like the above people that approach me, making excuses for having not enough time to achieve your desires.

I say YOU can and will reach your Goal, attain your desires and you will be happier for it…therefore plan.

Because unless you do, the reality is you are planning to fail.


And we don’t want that do we?

So, plan and stick to it!


If you can do this, then nothing can stop you from becoming truly masterful in magick, and in creating the life you wish!