Welcome back! and todays topic we will conduct a little experiment which will aide your magical journey immensely, whether you are into witchcraft, hermetic magick, shamanism or any other type of magical practitioner.

Namely creating your personal Astral temple.
This is a hands-on guide so get ready to build on the astral…here we go!

Assume a sitting position on a chair facing the east, make sure your feet are firmly and flat on the floor with a gap of about 6 to 8 inches between them ,and place your hand gently on your knees, keeping them totally relaxed.

Now look directly forward and focus on the point in the distant horizon, which is beyond your rooms wall and other intervening structures.

Imagine or visualize in your mind’s eye a white door on the wall in front of your chair, now continue to gaze forward into infinity.

Using your imagination to see yourself raising from the chair and stepping forward to approach the door.

Place your right hand on it is intricately decorated brass doorknob.

Imagine feeling the cold smoothness given off by the brass as you grasp it and you turn and opens the door.

The door swings on its hinges away from you to the left.
You now walk through the doorway into a room that has flooring and pale blue grey walls that are almost white in colour.

The ceiling is the same very faint blue grey that is almost white.



You now close the door behind you without turning to look through its opening still looking into this room
You are standing on the north-west corner of a very large square chamber.

There are no windows in this room, however it is let from light streams above shining through a circular time made up of many tiny hexagonal panes of frosted crystal glass.

In the centre of this dome is one hexagonal large clear pain of crystal glass and through this you can see a beautiful blue sky.

In the middle of the  floor you see a black marble altar which is in the shape of a double cube.

This altar is approximately 2 ft.² across and 4 feet high.
Its sides are carved with the weight triangle that has a red cross a buffet is in the symbolism of whatever your belief is or group or personal magickal emblem may be.

On the centre of the top of the altar a large white candle burns in a brass candlestick.

Around the altar is a white circle of 9 feet in diameter which has been painted onto the dark oak floorboards.

The band of the circle is 2 1/2 inches wide there is space to walk around the outside of the circle, because the room you are in is exactly 16 feet across.

Between each side of the altar in the ring of the circle is a space of almost 3 1/2 feet, between the ring of the circle and the outer walls as a space also of 3 1/2 feet.

You slowly walk around the outside of the circle and clockwise fashion, you pass on your left an inverted green triangle painted in the centre of the north wall which is at the level of your heart.

It is very large, about 3 feet across on each side and it is completely filled with a solid emerald green colour.
The wall on the eastern front of you has a painted a bright triangle which is filled in yellow which is also 3 feet across.

On the southern wall to your right you see a similar upright track triangle but this time it years in the colour of red, this is also 3 feet across.

You begin to walk around the white circle again and you notice the door which you entered is set in the west wall near its right hand corner, and that this west wall has
an inverted blue triangle painted in its centre which is also 3 feet across.

You notice all four triangles are the same elevation above the floor, their centres are all at the level of your heart.

When you have completed your circum-ambulation of the room and once again youre facing the east with your back to the closed-door which is to your west, you
now step across the white circle and approach the altar.


Stand on its western side facing east, and place your hands flat upon its polished surface and you feel the chill of black marble, this altar you notice is made in
beautiful black marble.

Hold your hands therefore a minute or so while gazing at the candle flame.

You then remove your hands from the altar and pass them one after the other slowly over the candle flame near enough to feel the heat from the flame, in the
centre of your palms, however you are not so close that you burn yourself you are merely feeling the heat.

The candle flame begins to flutter slightly.
Take a good look around the room for a minute or so in order to soak in the size of the room, as well as the features make sure that they are firmly impressed in your memory.

You notice that the crystal dome on the ceiling the centrepiece which is clear is 6 feet across which is two thirds the size of the painted circle, and is centred exactly above the altar.

You walk slowly once around the altar clockwise again as you examined the room, keep the fingers of your right hand and contact with the marble altar while doing so, feel the sharpness of its edges and corners as well.

After you have carefully observed every detail, let go of the altar by lifting your hands and returning them to your sides, turn to your west and step over the white
circle on the floor to approach the door which you came through once again.

Place your left hand on its brass knob, energy start to open the door, turned to face the room once again, so that you do not see anything that lies on the other side of the door but only the room that you are now leaving your astral temple.

Step backward out of this room and pulled the door shut while still facing into the room youve backed out of.

Step backward again without turning and sit in the chair occupied by your physical body once again.
Close your physical eyes for several seconds to rest them.

Now place your palms on your face on either side of your nose, with your palm heels in the hollows of your eye sockets very gently, and draw them downward as
the sliding a skintight mask off your features.


Take several deep breaths now, and open your eyes, stretch your body and rise from the chair to get along once again with your day as usual.

This is a very important exercise, their image is visualised is actually your astral

Magic is always worked primarily on the astral level and your physical gestures and movements of the ritual a mere foundations for this astral work, which requires very developed in advance visualisation skills.

Eventually you will design your own astral temple with all the features you want on it and you can keep adding and building to it and it will become your habit shall
place of doing a lot of your magical workings.

In the very beginning the appearance of the astral temple is not so important is your ability to clearly experience it with your inner senses.

This is why we are gradually building it up and will add to it later.

The four triangles of the elements have been coloured and placed according to the Golden Dawn system of correspondences which are as follows care, yellow, East;
fire, red, South; water, blue, West; earth, green, North.


There are many ever changing variations that you can incorporate and what with just visualised is not the only possible assignment of the elements to directions, but
it is the most common assignment and must be known by every serious practitioner Western magic and one that I highly recommend.

The usual Golden Dawn colour four elemental earth and the north is actually black.

However, olive green, russet brown, in situ in yellow are also used to represent earth and the Golden Dawn system.

Green is a much more vital and productive colour than black ears, symbolising as it does the green plants to grow from the soil.

Green also more equally balances the colours of the other elements individually however you can change this but for now keep it as it is.

It is a far better approach like I have designed for you to begin the visualisation of the astral temple by opening the door, and then ending it by backing out of the
temple closing the door without turning around.

In this way all of your attention is concentrated on the Temple itself, therefore you are not becoming distracted by anything else prematurely.

The Temple occupies a plane of reality separate from the physical plane, and by passing through the doorway you pass from one day mentioned to another.

In order for you to get the best possible results, this exercise you have just performed must be repeated regularly.

Once you gain a sense of how you would like your own astral temple to look, you can visualise more features of your own temple and replace those described in the
exercise with the ones you are more comfortable or feel more intuitively attuned to you.

Over time you will want to add ritual furniture and instruments to visualisation various rooms, however the first few times you perform at keep it a simple and
plain as we have just had you perform right now.

Remember consistency is the key. Your aim is to always experience the spiritual through practice, not just reading or listening, but through active practice you are developing what will remain upon your physical departure…

You are building faculties of the spiritual that will help you with your transformation once your time on this plane is about to end and you will be ready for your next step.

So there you have it!

You’ve completed the basic steps of how to build your astral temple, congratulations!

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