Alright so today let’s talk about another form of protection from the hoodoo practice,ie: red brick dust, now Hoodoo is of course a type of magick that was developed in the New Orleans region incorporating various ethnic as well as christian systems to disguise it in.

Most of you will  know about red brick dust, it is probably not something new for many of you, but for some others it might be. Red Brick Dust is a very simple form of effective protection magick, and it is part of a common and powerful  system and ward in the hoodoo practice.

Therefore when making red brick dust there exists a rule that it must be made from a red brick of an existing or formally standing structure. Meaning a building that used to be in a particular place that had quite a history, and the bricks that you get from there you can then  grind down to dust.


One of the reasons it has to come from an existing or formally standing structure rather than just a brick that you can buy from hardware store, is because it gains much of its power from the memory of being part of the boundary.

Okay, because as protection magick through forming a boundary around something, and a structure is already active as a barrier, if it’s made of brick or brick houses buildings the walls are boundaries right or the fences or gates  are also boundaries.

Okay so what you do of course is once you have this brick powder/pieces you can grind it further down use a hammer or similar tool, whatever, to turn it into a dust.

Then you form a solid line of of this powder across your main threshold, which means your doors, or  other means of entrance into your house like Windows, window sills, verandas ,porches, what whatever it may be. So make a solid line of this dust across your main threshold and also other door sills.

Placed across window sills it can become pretty messy, especially if you live in a very windy area, so you will have to make the call on that one. You should place a line of red brick dust  across the front and back steps and in the beginnings of  the walkway/driveway if you have one.


Your home now should feel as if it is surrounded by a solid brick wall because that’s the whole point, Astrally are you going to build this wall of protection. In the places that I just stated the dust will eventually dissipate. The wind is going to blow it around and also on rainy days it will inevitably wash away.

So this is where it is important to periodically  replace it and reinforce the protection line again with new red brick dust.

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Now let’s have a look at how to make red brick dust, okay so to make red brick dust you need to gather some red bricks and the older bricks you can find the better.

Once again, they have to have come from a structure either one that is still standing or one that used to be. The bricks are used to form part of that building, the other thing is of course the older the brick are the better, because older bricks will crumble easier due to the natural ageing process they have been through.

If we look in New Orleans the old red bricks are usually found everywhere,of course if you don’t come from New Orleans like myself and many reading this here now,then they may not be readily available,because nowadays fewer and fewer buildings are made of  brick right?

So you  have to find places like very old towns, villages or maybe you have no other choice but to import some of these bricks.

Now let’s talk about how to make the dust, alright so what you need to do of course is to crush up these bricks  pulverising the bricks yourself will actually give you the advantage because you can focus all of your intent into what you’re doing.

Sending the protective energy and thoughts et cetera into the brick powder as you you crush them If however you do decide to buy your bricks already crushed from some  magical supply store et cetera, then of course you can divide it into portions and then put in your own protection intent with your  outstretched palm.

Now because the goal is to have dust at the end of the process,  if you have  located whole bricks you crush them into pieces and it will be a longer process that you have to keep grinding away slowly.

Until you’ve pulverised them into a fine dust. You may pulverise it with a hammer and although this does make quite a mess it is initially helpful to break the bricks into small pieces.

You would hammer away at it and this doesn’t mean you have to really slam the bricks hard, but with a few taps many many many times over the course of several minutes, until pieces crumble off.

Then you can put these pieces into a pestle and mortar and start grinding these pieces further away or chipping away at it until they all eventually become dust. This is a task naturally better suited to be completed outside, so you should find a hard surface to place a brick, on usually this is a sidewalk, or some other concrete surface.

If you attempt this procedure on the ground you may end up driving the brick into into the mud, and that would make things even messier…

You may  also want to wear some protective goggles because sometimes whilst chipping away at the brick, stray fragments may shoot up directly into your face and you don’t want these fragments hitting your eyes or doing any damage to yourself. So invest in a pair of the goggles and make sure no animals or family members are around whilst you are doing this.


Alternatively you could decide to put your brick in a white pillow sack that has been washed with water, steeped with rue and you allow this to dry in the sun first before use.

When dry you are anoint the pillowcase with cast of evil conjurer oil if you have it, if not then skip this step  because this step is purely optional.

If you do decide to use the pillowcase you place the brick inside the pillowcase and place that on the concrete  surface and then take the hammer and  give a good couple of whacks at it to break the brick into many smaller pieces.

Once you have crushed your bricks sufficiently, then you can bring the pieces inside or you can stay outside & put them in the pestle  and then start grinding away until it becomes a fine powder.

When you’ve done this put the dust in a jar or a bag until you’re ready to use, viola! you just created the highly prized simple to use red brick dust.

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