The Hidden Power of Palm Reading

Palm reading is a powerful metaphysical technology.

This ancient science and art combines a tangible process of verifiable psychic energies blended with the accuracy of astrology. 

Let’s take a fun look at this fantastic art when it is applied by a truly skillful palm reader. 

We will begin by getting you to look at your thumb, when it comes to discovering how strong-minded and determined you indeed are, we take a look at the part of the hand that of the thumbs. 

This significant looking digit is what makes humans truly unique. Yes indeed the hidden power of palm reading will soon become apparent to you.

Human beings have highly evolved thumbs which allow us a level of dexterity and control that other mammals cannot even match, the human thumb cannot be matched for its usefulness. 

The human thumb is divided into three parts known as phalanges. 

The first part is the top of the thumb which is the tip to the first knuckle, this part symbolizes your willpower. 

The second part is called the waste, and this begins from the first top knuckle to the next, and this shows the intellect. 

The third part is what is left down to the joint above the rest, and this reflects your attitude towards romance and passionate physical love. 

So what type of thumb do you have?

 As take a look at the entire some carefully looking at its size and proportion to your hand. Do you have a thick, thin, long or short thumb?

 I want you to relax your hand and take a good look at which way your thumb is held.

 Then take a note of your answers to the following questions。

 number one: Are your knuckles large or small?

Number two: is the first part of your thumb more significant than the second part?

Number three: when you bend it back away from your hand, is your thumb flexible and bendy or rigid and stiff?

Number four: what’s the shape of your thumbs first phalange?

Number five: is your some second phalange Street or bulging or has got a very tapering thin waist at the end?

Number six: does the third phalange bulge out from the hand?

 Do you have a short, thick thumb?

If you have a short, thick thumb, this means you are a more practical, sensual and materialistic type of person and more likely you are to enjoy the physical pleasures of good food, sex, and drink. You might also respond to provocation with impulsive action, violence or anger in some shape or form.

 Do you have long, graceful thumbs?

If you have a long graceful looking thumb, this means you are a more refined, you have tact, good manners, and you have a good sense of cultural awareness, and you may also be a very thoughtful person by nature. If you have this type of thumb, you tend to think before acting, and you consider the consequences of your actions deeply.

 Do you have small, weak looking thumbs?

If you have very small or weak looking thumbs, this might indicate that you are not strong willed but rather feeble, you tend to avoid confrontation, and you may even be a little bit on the lackluster side.

You’re the type of person that is most likely the 1st to shy away from a confrontation, and you are more of a follower than a leader.

 If your thumb comes to a right angle when you spread your fingers out, this may show a bit of arrogance are but also determination on your part to do whatever it takes to get your way, you may even be very aggressive in nature.

 But if someone conceals their thumb when they are speaking with you were having a conversation then this means that they have something they want to keep from you, they want to hide something from you.

 Now the closer the thumb is naturally to your hand, the more shy and introverted you may be.

 This might also mean that you are narrow-minded and dislike exploration or new surprises, change is not something that you are willing to take unnecessarily if you are given a choice.

 If a person’s thumb is held much further away from the hand, this may mean you have an incredibly explosive, or independent or even radical temperament, and you’re more likely of forming opinions and then in acting on them. 

The flexible, bendable thumb

If you have a thumb that is quite bendable, and flexible and you can curve it away from your hand, and you can bend it back easily.

Obviously this shows you have flexibility and an openness in your attitude towards new ideas, you may even have a very relaxed type of personality and character.

You may be a home lover and someone that’s very generous with your time and affection and you are also very adaptable.

You may even be more of the adventurous type even though getting back to normal life is extremely important for you. 

Stiff thumbs

If you have stiff hard rigid thumbs this suggest you have an iron will, you may be more of a traditionalist,.

You’re the type of person that perseveres and has great courage, honor is patriotic, and you are quite loyal.

You are the type of person that values enduring friendships love and faithfulness.

However, you may also be the type that is very limited in your ability to express your feelings to a profound extent, except to those few that you have developed the highest trust with.

 A well-developed first phalange

Now as I mentioned before, the first phalange is seen as the area where a determination can be discerned.

If this part is well-developed, rounded in tapers slightly to the thumbs tip, then it’s a sign that the will is in fact controlled and expressed in a very disciplined type of way.

A strong first phalange shows strength and determination as well as motivation to take control of the life path you’ve decided on.

 The first and second knuckles

if you have very well developed first knuckles, this shows a compelling logic driven thought process, and it means you have a mind that is able to control your passions.

If you have a stronger second knuckle, this means you have a powerful sexual and emotional drive, and you may need a greater amount of time expressing and satisfying these areas.

Sometimes you may have difficulty distinguishing between right and wrong.

 If you have a bulbous first phalange

if you have a very bulbous first phalange and it’s quite thick and may also be clubbed this means that your willpower will be very strong.

But at the same time difficult to control and you’re prone to falling for temptations and you’re also quick to anger.

You are going to have to be very aware of this and find a way to change.

 If you have a sloping first phalange

so when the front of the first phalange is sloping from the knuckle to the tip this means that you have excellent communication skills and abilities.

And you’re quite tactful in fact act comes very naturally to you, however you have a little less willpower but at the same time you are much more flexible in your attitude and belief systems you’re not so rigid.

 If you have a robust second phalange with a strong waistline

then this means you have a very analytical mind and at the same time you try and see all sides to an argument.

And you weigh things up very carefully before making a final decision.

You may even be extremely attentive to details, and you’re also quite capable of thinking laterally.

You may even excel in science, research, mathematics as well as literary studies these are your strengths.

 If you have a second phalange with an extreme waistline to it

If you have extreme waistline second phalange is, this may mean you suffer from neurosis, are easily irritated, and you have difficulty in making decisions.

You are very fussy, and you may have an obsessive type of personality.

In short, you may be a worrywart, someone that just over thinks and worries about everything.

People may think of you like a bit of a whinger Whiner or Nagger

 If you have a full second phalange

this means you are a very reasonable minded type of person, and you have a cold kind of logic with a very enquiring mind.

In extreme cases you may seem quite emotionless mentally speaking, you may also be rather blunt and set in your way in other words quite stubborn.

However, if the flesh part of your thumb in this region is quite soft then this could mean that you are more open to suggestions once you thought it through.

 If you have a bulging second phalange

This means you don’t have much logic and you don’t think things very deeply through.

You may be more prone to thinking about your needs and wants more than anything else, in other words, you can be quite selfish, and you wanted to dominate, so you may be seen as domineering.

 If you have a powerful third phalange

This is actually allied to the Venus Mount, which we don’t have time to go into today but you can look it up if you like.

So the stronger your third phalange, the more powerful your sexuality and sensuality is but also at the same time the greater your tendency is towards one night stands or very short-term relationships.

You may see life through rose tinted spectacles and live your life in your head full of fantasy but not take things too seriously.

 So which phalange is the strongest?

You will need to take a look at all three phalanges about each other.

If they are all of equal size and of equal strength, then you are a perfectly balanced person.

More likely though for most people, one phalange is much greater than the others. If it’s the first phalange then the strength of will rules.

If it is the second phalange, this means reason and thought will dominate.

However, if it’s the third phalange, then this means that your physical drives and romantic notions and needs of the dominant forces in action in your life.

 There are many amazing insights into your psyche and character that you can glean that will help you learn more about how others see you and why you behave in a certain way.

A fully reputable palm reader may be able to guide you properly enabling you to eliminate and correct certain problem areas in your life by indicating which possible personality traits you need to improve or correct.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the hidden power of palm reading, stay tuned for more …