Essential Magick that gives you the edge

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I thought that might peak your curiosity a bit, but yes indeed essential magick that gives you the edge, honestly is what we all could use more of.

I’m sure you are nodding your head in agreement as these words resonate deeply within you.

But what essential magick exactly and what do I mean by edge?

An edge in achieving more, an edge in reducing our worries, an edge in better living, forming better relationships…generating more income.

Whatever that may be for you…one thing is sure to bring on a reality check that hits home faster than a ton of bricks.

And that is…what you are dealing with in your present!


What you aren’t dealing with that you should have but now its become serious enough that its severely holding you back.

Lack of planning, lack of pro-activeness or simply putting off things till they become so big the urgency forces you to halt everything else so that you try and cope with what has just stung you in the backside.


So what is Magick that gives you the edge?

its not so much magick that thwarts others or anything on the sly at all, essential magick that gives you the edge is magick that helps you navigate easier through life.

Essential magick that gives you the edge is magick you should master and implement in order that you keep always up to date, and proactive, as well as able to swat obstacles out from your path, or even better not allow any buildup for any harmful obstacles to mount up against you, to begin with.

Magick that gives you the edge, should help you continuously be able to cultivate higher and greater levels of magickal energy, heal rifts and wounds and re establish harmony.

It should help you easily remove any blockages due to self sabotage…crossed conditions, and in the event…give you the power and skills to eradicate any malicious magickal attacks aimed at you, your home or your family.

So how come very few magicians, witches and sorcerers  seem to be able to use or even know much essential magick to give them the edge? how come so many seem to barely get by or  merely dabble in magick or simply role play but are actually collectors of books and paraphernalia?

The answer is manifold…

Let me take a stab here and it may offend the sensitive types.

Firstly many occultists, are simply that, dabblers…wanting to sound cool to their friends or scare the neighbors, its an ego stroke, but once they realize magick takes work in order to build up real power…they become put off, disheartened or their true lazy nature comes out.

Secondly, the many that are keen simply don’t have a good enough mentor in magick, are not sure how to cultivate magickal power to the levels required, or simply cannot organize themselves to formulate a a plan to practice at a higher and higher level.

Then there are those that feel entitled, they wont learn anything and wont support any good teacher, unless they can get that book or download either for free or from a library or off of an illegal torrent site, after-all everything spiritual and magickal should be FREE is their motto!

Problem is if spiritual knowledge wasn’t theirs to begin with, then in fact they have NO right to it…and should be grateful their is the law of equal return that enables them to exchange payment in order to receive valuable teachings…They simply don’t see it, hence they remain stuck.

Then there are the ones similar to the aforementioned first type but at a worse level, who have misunderstood the original teachings of Chaos magick, and believe magick can work for anyone without any effort , without any design, without anything other than the simplest thought.


In Fact nothing could be further from the truth, the view above is the reversed reality…even Phil Hine states “We have to work at magic. Doing training programs, learning the symbols & languages, learning new skills; analyzing, refining, enchanting- it’s all work! This is all very necessary , as we have to learn to work before we can learn to play. Meaning once you truly master everything through rigorous study and application, then and only then as an adept can you begin to play and minimalism…

The key is continuous and rigorous learning through training.

And here we have the ripened circumstance where the magician is at the level through consistent training  like Phil mentioned…to have a magical skill set…to have Magick that gives you the edge.

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