Effective Magick and the Alpha State of Consciousness 

Let’s look today at how altered states of consciousness and magick work together.

This is an important topic to discuss because in order to be effective in magick it is advantageous to switch our minds into certain frequencies that are conducive and aid the magick that we are performing by spiking the energetic field.

You probably are already well aware that your mind is capable of shifting through various states of consciousness, strange things actually happen all around us all the time, however often we don’t remember them simply because when we shift through the states of consciousness, this shifting creates a focus shift as well and the side effect of that is that we forget what occurred in the previous state.

In fact lack of focus is one reason we simply can’t remember where we put our keys or other daily items, just an example.

Another relevant simple example is when we are sleeping and are about to awake but we’re still dreaming and at that point in time usually, we are participating or observing the dream, however as soon as we wake up if our mind focuses on something completely different like I have to cook breakfast.

Or a need to iron my blue shirt now and hurry up cook breakfast and then check the time as to not be late for work, at this point our minds shift into another state of consciousness as well as in focus and we forget what we have dreamt of almost in that instant.

We are in fact conscious at all times, it simply is that we are often operating out of a different state of consciousness, and as we enter these different frequencies we seem to have some trouble translating between the layers.

A form of amnesia seems to get in the way of our recall between the states of consciousness unless we are very careful to focus on remembering what has just taken place before we move on and enter that new state of consciousness.

We all know the terms consciousness, subconscious, unconscious, and superconscious however they are all our consciousness and we are always aware on one or all of these levels.

Even when we enter deep sleep it is still possible for someone to obtain means of meaningful, communication with the sleeper. But we’re now entering a discussion that is closer to hypnosis.

Let’s just move on and mention and you may already know that there are five basic distinct types of brainwaves that aid us in performing different functions or achieving certain effects more effectively if we can do a complete shift into one of these states.

The five distinct types of brainwaves are beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma.

Each type of brainwave’s state resonates at a different frequency per second. Magic is best conducted usually in the alpha state.

The alpha state is at a frequency where our brainwaves vibrate at between 8 to 13 cps.

These are the brainwave patterns observed when you are deeply relaxed and focused inwardly. This is often called a light trance state. This is also the state that we often enter into or up put into when watching TV or a movie, and this is why it is dangerous if what we’re watching on TV has a particular influential message or teaching in that it could affect us to do something negative that we normally couldn’t do.

If the program is very beneficial and positive then it could have a good effect but this is really the case with TV.

Quite often we become brainwashed.

We also into the state positively when doing yoga or even driving long distances on the highway, however in these states we are in charge.

When you perform magical rituals this is the ideal state to be in, the ideal state to be in is the alpha state of consciousness, however, when you first start to do rituals, you are usually in the bay to state and then we switch into the alpha the beta state is the state of outer awareness in which we are focused on what is going on around us this is a fully aware state and it is a state we often find ourselves and when we are seeking solutions, facing opposition, doing deductive thinking or any conscious reactive state of mind.

I am going to show you how to enter the alpha state and this is the state like I mentioned that will be of great benefit to you when performing rituals because it will help you get the desired result much faster or more efficiently.

Therefore the majority of your magical work needs to be conducted in the alpha state, clairvoyance, clear audience, clear feeling, as well as empathy, mental influence, and fascination, intuition, astral travel, spirit visions, telepathy, is Wallace spell casting, manifestations and evocation are enhanced and made possible when we are in the alpha state.

So now, that I have your full attention as to what you are going to learn, we will finish this first part on this note and I want you to look forward to part 2.

I will outline a very good technique on how you can enter the alpha state effectively to aid and power charge your magick.

till then stay healthy, be happy, and keep safe…


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