Coronavirus and Magick

In these modern days there are all types of hurdles, not only political and psychological, but also most relevant too us is the biological in terms of viruses, that we must keep vigilant and weary of.

We practice magic for enlightenment and spiritual immortality, and there’s a consequence now to developing our energetic bodies.

Our eyes and senses become far more open than the regular person as a positive side effect to proper spiritual and magical training, however there is no escaping the physical maladies that can be fall us as we age.

Fortunately we have at our disposal certain spiritual exercises like the middle pillar exercise or the eastern inspired microcosmic orbit, and more in order to bring in certain beneficial powerful energies that are spiritual in origin, which also strengthen us physically and cleanse .

We also use herbs and infusions because they emanate certain energies and at the same time these herbs when steeped as a tea can reduce inflammation as well as open up the Airways to make breathing easier.

There are various other natural supplements like red ginseng, however in the short video I’m going to reveal some secrets they can actually help your breathing and alleviate allergies or symptoms.

Coronavirus and magick! this by no means replaces medical advice or medications if you’re on them, so if you have a serious medical condition always consult your physician and his or her advice.

Check out the short video on coronavirus and magick and learn how to make a simple tea infusion blend as well as employ some magical exercise advice you really should be incorporating into your daily magickal practice regimen readily and easily.

Click on the video link to learn how you can safeguard yourself…