Another beautiful start to the week is nearly upon us, so let’s begin in a positive proactive fashion!

Today am going to share with you a very potent but somewhat lost art, which you probably know about but perhaps never took all that seriously?

I’m talking about the simple but powerful magical art of using candles and oils.

Not surprisingly in these fast and attention deficient times full of distractions and time killers, Candle magick is not really taken too seriously, it has become a system that is often overlooked, however it is a form of low magic that is actually extraordinarily ancient, with links going as far back to the very beginnings of humankind.

It is a form of fire magick!

Another reason the system is quite often overlooked nowadays is its simplicity.

The cheapness of candles nowadays and oils have given people the illusion that it is merely beginners magic and they often sidestep this because they want to go on to something more glamorous and prestigious like communicating with spirits.

And yet this fundamental practice is a massive equalizer, a hidden secret from times of old that is very effective when mastered.

However, very few people have actually mastered it because they’re in a rush for something more glamorous.

This then opens the door for you to master candle magic, it is compelling, and it will give you and bring you many advantages, protections and results you seek thereby proving to you that magic works in the most straightforward forms.

The Catholic Church, for example, knew the power of prayer combined with the proper burning of incense dressing candles with certain oils and chance, so much so that most of the clergy and churchgoers in the beginning never realized that their prayers were actually like spells and it did bring results.

(the Catholic church actually knew of and incorporated many potent magickal practices into its own curriculum, and disguised them to keep the obvious from its own parishioners)

Around the mid-1980s when occult groups started releasing books on candle magic the secret was out, churchgoers began understanding how they could use their prayers along with candles to bring massive results, and the church feared losing control.

Therefore under the guise of being concerned with fire safety, they started eliminating the use of real candles during the prayer sessions because they wanted to remove this knowledge so that their followers would be dependent on them for much longer.

So you see candle magic has been acknowledged and verified as being extremely powerful, it works period, and the church has recognized this.

This is mild compared with what the Islamic faith does to those that show any interest in freeing themselves through magick.

But one belief nearly every culture seems to agree upon is that fire symbolizes the absolute ultimate power and ability to purify.

It represents spirit in its purest form, the manifestation of God or Goddess in the vehicle by which to reach them.

The legends of the secret fires, which were gifts of the god or goddess and not made by any human hand gave way to portable flames such as the torch, oil lamp, and candle.

For simplicity and convenience, candles became the most popular way and form with which to communicate with the higher self and the god or goddess force.

The flame represented the spirits highest potential, while the smoke carried the prayers and desires to the deities. Herbal offerings placed in the fire or embedded inside to candle itself gave off a very pleasing aroma that often induced hypnotic trances and heightened awareness. This altered state of consciousness and hypnotic trance state along with prayer, chants, songs, dance, herbs, and any combination of those above accompanied by a firm burning desire within the seeker, creating a very mysterious energetic response called magic.

It was soon found that adequately created candles actually encompassed all the essential elements necessary to produce this magical state in one compact waxed unit the candle. The candles popularity as one of the ultimate magical taught tools was then assured.

It wasn’t until the invention of electricity that the candle came into jeopardy as a tool of late magic and spiritual petition.

Michael Mack pointed out in an article in the US Catholic which is a magazine published in April 1989 he states for a variety of reasons many Catholic churches have replaced the traditional wax candles with electrical lights.

Mack noted that many of the parishioners objected to this and in a significant portion of the churches some were still keeping votive candles on hand.

He added though the due to the fire hazard which was actually the guise the church used as a way to force removal of actual wax candles from its churches, the ones that had rebelled against the order of not using real candles still had to abide to some extent, and the flames had to be extinguished at night when unattended. As we noted, while this is probably a very logical sounding safety step to prevent fire, it was extremely rare that churches ever caught fire, very rare indeed and this new practice was highly questionable when it came to prayer and magic.

So why did the Catholic Church try and remove candles from all its churches?

Understanding that its parishioners were actually becoming awakened while petitioning the Saints, God and the angels with lit candles and prayers, it also realized that this direct communication with the God Force would ultimately remove power from their institution.

People were communicating directly with the God Force, and this meant that sooner or later the parishioners would realize they wouldn’t need the institution of the physical church or an organization any longer.

So now that we’ve touched upon a bit about the real power of candle magic let’s get down and actually perform some for ourselves.

It is a skill I urge you to keep at until you master it correctly, will serve you well no matter what your economic situation may be starting out.

Candles are cheap, oils are cheap, and the results you can get from candle magic can sometimes be absolutely outstanding.

Disclaimer: candle magic will not solve all your problems immediately nor will it change the world overnight, but it is still a potent tool toward those ends. It can help you to realize that events can be altered and influenced by your directed energy.

Also please remember that we are here for you if you need any consultation we can actually guide you on the proper use in the correct spells that you can use to aid you in your quest whatever that may be.

So let’s begin this is what you’re going to need as we perform a very simple candle magic spell to draw in opportunity whatever that may be into your life this is a good starter spell.

You will need one 8 inch wax candle, some extra virgin olive oil imported from preferably Italy as its purity is higher and not GMO, if none is available then from Spain as a second choice, and you will need some frankincense in stick or cone form.
Spearmint, fresh leaves if possible are best if not then dried is the 2nd best alternative.

You will draw out or print out this specially designed MAGNESTHETIC infusion grid diagram below on an A4 size sheet of paper, How and why to use this fantastic current amplification grid will be explained in part 2…so stay tuned!