So welcome back to Part 2 of Practical Candle Magick…

This week we’re going to continue with part two of our unique form of effective candle magic that descendant of the ancestral magical lineage related to original fire magic.

We exist in a universe of vibrant subtle living energies that are in constant motion.

Energy is an innate law from the beginning of creation that makes all particles understand, vibrate, oscillate, and shake at differing speeds and frequencies subject to mind thought and physical, spiritual, direction.

We’re going to influence and fill the energies within the candle and magnetic force contained and released in the magnets with our own psychic energy.

This is then blended with the universal God Force channeling through us, and when we light the candle, we’re going to release all that energetic kinetic buildup to do our will.

The candle is your potential energy source, will we combine the energy potential of the candle with the connected and psychic energies and the God Force channeling through our spirit.

We create a force that is going to influence the universe around us, subject to our intended focus.

When you use candle magic you initiate changes in the universe.

There are constructive and destructive changes that you can make.

You influence through your focused intent on channeling the spiritual and psychic energies with the new.

Once released they start to affect change.

As a practitioner of magic you have to be aware that the further along you progress, the quicker the return or karmic debt for your actions become.

This does not mean that the karmic debt you incur or the karmic credit that you attain will enact upon you or for you immediately, it may take many years or not even in this lifetime, but it will be there affecting the essence of you sooner or later.


Therefore I cannot overemphasize that hexing, cursing, and jinxing are not just superstitions or a form of casual entertainment.

Once done the consequences to your target and to yourself are extremely difficult to undo or at least they can be if you’re a competent magician or when you become a competent magician.

The backlash, if your victim is actually innocent and you have misunderstood a situation, and you have acted impulsively, the backlash to you can be severe.

This is something that egotistical black magicians or those with the mindset that they can do anything they want do not understand.

That is until eventually they get burnt, and they will.

Even if your target is not innocent but has a powerful auric shield and other means of protection that same hex, curse, or Jenks could wind up back on you with possibly more severe repercussions and consequences than you had ever thought so beware.

It is so much easier and absolutely more beneficial for you to use the power of candle magic or any form of magic to build a stronger, more positive, more abundant, you!

Become a master of your own destiny, and you will leave the rest of the dark dwelling loser types in the dust.

Think very carefully before using this type of magic, primarily make sure that if you have to defend yourself with any form of negative magic that you are entirely innocent of any wrongdoing.

…and to do this you need to be completely honest with yourself about the situation.

Did you have any part in instigating or provoking a reaction from your now angry target.

Usually, you will find that the fault is mutual.

Now that we’ve got the necessary disclaimers in place you can concentrate on some really useful fantastic candle magic that will bring you positive results.

Because you will know how to wield effective practical magic to bring all forms of prosperity and abundance into your life without ever needing to resort to any negative ways.

So I hope you’ve got all the materials I listed in part one…

…if not then reread candle magic part one then come back to this point.

The use of magnets in your ritual practice has actually been used for centuries since the discovery of magnetic sand and then later the creation and invention of human-made magnets.

This type of magic relates to stone magic so, in essence, we are blending fire magic and stone magic into one cohesive system.

So take your magnets and I want you to place them in the circles, you need to reverse the polarity, so you get a positive, minus, positive, minus set up and if you’re not sure whether your magnets are positive or negative get two magnets and try to push them closer if you feel a pulling sensation from both that’s positive if they are repulsing each other that’s negative.

So place positive negative, positive, negative as indicated by the plus and minus signs in the layout.

As for the candle, I didn’t stipulate a particular colour, if you have white use it because white is very good for all positive rituals, but if you have another coloured candle this spell don’t worry about it will be effective.

So place the candle in the candleholder and put it in the centre are shown in the diagram so now you have the physical layout.


Actually, let’s take a step back, we are going to anoint the candle with the olive oil first, so what you need to do is you are going to rub oil on the candle.

Start by holding the candle by the base and anoint the top half with a wiki is by starting at the centre and rubbing it in an upwards from the centre up to the wick with oil on your finger to skip rotating the candle and keep doing it if you need to apply more oil do it starting at the centre anointing up and when you finished flip it over an hour anoint the bottom half by starting at the centre and rubbing the oil towards the base.

An important note to remember is that magic is manifested through the consciousness and controlled energy manipulation and prosperity consciousness being your prime motivator, that’s important for you to remember it is energy manipulation.

Critics would say there is no such thing as psychic energy or spiritual powers or magic, but have you noticed how many critics are truly living a life of prosperity, abundance or success who are the successful full of abundance prosperity conscious critics I haven’t made any.

Moreover, they are often bitter, jealous or envious negative types that have to focus their energies not on prosperity not on abundance not on anything positive but on the negative hand that is a sure way

To failure and unhappiness.


The first step in successful, prosperous practical magic is in belief in yourself you have to believe that you are capable of doing magic even if you are just starting out and this will help make it effective you can’t block yourself you have to remove all barriers.

If you don’t believe in yourself who will? The next important factor is that you have to work yourself up into an emotional frenzy to accomplish your magic, but in a controlled fashion of course, emotion is a cornerstone of magic.

Your emotion will fuel the prosperous energy necessary to work spells and rituals, you must be able to work yourself up into a fully emotional powerful prosperous state over what it is you want to accomplish.

Now before starting this ritual and spell, I want you to take a bath, use whatever oils or herbs put you into a happy, positive state if you don’t have a bathtub then have a shower.

Make sure you’re fully clean and relaxed and quiet in your mind after your shower by slowing it down a fraction do some rhythmic breathing closure eyes for a while and sent to yourself.

After your bath or shower, you can anoint yourself with the olive oil by touching your forehead and saying I I give myself empowerment by allowing the prosperity and God Force energies to flow through me now.

Now light the frankincense and petition the prosperity forces and the God Force energies to watch over you and enter your space.

Repeat these words “ I ask my ancestors and call upon my guardian spirits, and the God Force, calling the universal prosperity energies to protect me and empower me while I perform the spiritual working and to manifest that which I now request… so mote to be.

Light the candle and repeat the same petition, when you’ve done this you can stand.

Your spine has to be a straight as you now perform the middle pillar and the cabalistic cross.

Now you’re going to also light your astral candle which is within you.

“I light now This candle which is myself here in the physical and on the astral plane.

That might in a fire be lit and infused as I call the God Force and prosperity energies to flow through me and manifest that which I ask.”

Now look at the actual candle and intently focus on it.

Breathe in and out… take nice long refreshing breaths and say “spirits of the universe grant me my wish fulfilled through the aid of the prosperity energies and the God Force that I call upon to flow through me, and into this candle, so it may be amplified through the kinetic energy of the magnetic force charging this space and amplifying my wish.”

you should visualise in your mind with your forefinger pointing towards the candle.

A powerful blue light emanating towards the candle, now work yourself up into a strong positive emotional state and think that which you want to manifest or bring into your life.

See that wish go through your finger through the blue light and into the candle.

Close your eyes and see a white aura or visualise an aura around that candle getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger a strong powerful white light extending from the candle.

Filling your room filling your house filling, the sky, all of the earth moreover than the moon more further than the sun, this light filling the universe with all this powerful emotional energy.

Until you see it connecting with a powerful white shining ball of light further into space, which is the God Force, once it connects, draw this light from the God Force through the top of your head down to your throat and then down to your heart, and from your heart shoot a ray of white light into the candle and say “mote it to be”.

Keep imagining the light shooting into the candle.

Now start imagining what it is that you want to manifest and see it as already being manifested, do this visualization in your mind for the next 30 seconds to a few minutes.

Next; perform the cabalistic cross once again, then when you finish take a few deep breaths, feel like you’ve accomplished your desire and you can let the candle burn or you can now extinguish it.

If you have set it up in a safe place away from anything flammable on a steady table where the candle won’t get easily knocked down away from pets or children, then you can let it burn till the candle is spent.

If you have a riskier environment, for you, then I recommend you now extinguish the candle for safety reasons.

Always play safe especially if you have pets or family members folks, their safety is paramount as is yours.

For the next seven days, I want you to repeat this ritual, following the exact preparatory

You have now just performed an extremely powerful form of fire and stone magic!
Candle magic at its finest! and at its simplest!

This spell and ritual work!

…as you become more proficient at doing spells and rituals the bigger your requests and prosperity manifestations can be.

At this point, I hope you started with something a little on the smaller more attainable side until you’ve built yourself up and raised a lot more magical power and prosperity consciousness by connecting to the God Force.

Always start small, build and then through repetive practices increase the scale…

That’s all for this week stay tuned for more…

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blessings! and LVX!