Today I just want to talk about what to magick really is and how it works, I want to touch upon that subject because I’ve had quite a few questions on it.

I aim to provide you with some fascinating answers to those questions in fact.

Now some people think that magick is just a projection of your mind and your will. However magick is not only mind, okay? You have to look at it from a more big picture perspective.


It is not just mind; Mind is indeed one step in magick and aides with the re-establishment of the connection between the source energy, or God force and your inner self by allowing you to focus and also programming the subconscious faculty to switch on the process..

Magickal power is built up through particular esoteric energy exercises and chanting sacred words or formulae in a specific vibratory intonation in order to create the necessary resonance within which magick charges up and can affect things and your environment.

The building up of your ability to store, circulate and channel these mighty magickal and spiritual currents uses the mind which is comprised of the conscious and subconscious in the steps that help set the course to prevent blocks of self-sabotage.

Moreover, really enable you to focus your current energies and spiritual levels; you could say universal spiritual and physical or mental powers, that you have at any one time to manifest and shape your inner and outer worlds.

So mind is a step, the building up and circulation of powerful universal and spiritual energies is the required seed you might say that will bloom into your desired manifestation.

Okay now, this can be accomplished as long as you follow the laws of the universe, which is a long topic best left to future blog entries, I will touch upon that in a next post.


Just remember when your magickal intent is and must be complemented with specific magickal and spiritual practices in order to increase your connection to the source energy, or what we call the God force.

If you aren’t doing all those steps and merely using mind and will then you’re simply not going to achieve the desired result at all, or you are not going to reach it very quickly but take an unnecessarily long time at it unless it happens to be one of those occasions where an alignment just happens to be in your favor…a bit like gambling, yes sometimes you win, but usually you don’t 😉 .

Therefore without all those steps being worked improved upon via practice and then nd implemented, it would then take you a very very long time and many attempts to get it to manifest, if at all simply by Mind.

So your power actually comes through persistently developing and unfolding spiritually through spiritual & magickal practice.

Pushing yourself through ritual and practice to become able to store and channel higher and higher increasing levels of spiritual magickal energetic currents and also by performing proven rituals and spells and formulae handed down of course by the spiritual beings that we come into contact with and the enlightened masters of times gone by.


This process takes you through cycles of development in your journey to the next level, this is akin to you becoming like the Phoenix, with each rebirth cycle by the purification of spiritual flame (initiations) you become more than you were, more than human.

Many people mistakenly believe they are gods or goddesses, quite simply they are not! this notion lacks humility and is unrealistically false.

However, we do possess godlike and goddess-like potential and I will explain what I mean in a minute.

If we go with a more likely and humble take on things, one could possibly begin to realize that we have come to this earth not as gods and goddesses, but as tiny separate expressions of a greater unified energy.

… that has been specifically splintered to go through a journey and experience things as they are created and encountered… that then is taken back to the God force energy (of the original source)as an expression of energy, this may seem a little bit of a complex topic and it really is actually.


Everything that happens good and bad is done through a duality of the source energy, that is trying to bring back different expressions and experiences to continue creating, developing and expanding.

You probably already know that the universe never ends, it’s ever-growing it sits as being controlled by the laws and is under the direction of the same thing in the original source energy.

This God-Force energy has both the Positive and negative states which play out on all planes…and affect all things when encountered.

I don’t want to sound religious here, but I just want you to try thinking about this from a different perspective and maybe you can see everything coming from this God force energy, then you will also see us as people, are merely like raindrops (however raindrops do affect things and can be a catalyst for a reaction).


Let’s look at the analogy of being the same moisture filled cloud, we all came from there and are expressions of it.

We’re all part of this original moisture,this one big blob of moisture, perhaps this is not a very good analogy but I just want you to bear with me and then you might realize the angle I am opening up for you.

As this massive growing blob of moisture, the original source energy or God force can more or less create and experience whatever it wishes directly.

However it is rather boring and too predictable, in order for it to grow and develop at a most efficient pace and in the most intriguing manner, it splinters itself and divides itself in its own image at the microcosmic level trillions of times.

Thus we are formed…(but not yet as human beings on the planet) so here we are as tiny raindrops (if we get back to the analogy) Individuality if you could call that is beginning to take shape.

Now although we at this stage are created in the same image, by being splintered, we are now also separate.


Now, the original source energy wants to make it even more interesting by creating spiritual hierarchies, as well as physical worlds of differing levels and frequencies….

What an amazing way to multiply the levels of experiences and allowing certain patterns to shape up and play out independently of itself.

The source energy decides to allow these raindrops to seed the materials it has created on earth, and to establish living husks, (animals etc) withing which the raindrops (souls) inhabit.

This is a kind of reward for us because it now has given these raindrops (souls) the ability to be completely individual, and although the source energy (god-force is always in control of any outcome it chooses to, it really doesn’t have to…

As all good and bad experiences are injested by the original source energy.


Have I lost you yet? I really don’t want to get into the minutae of details here tpday, but just give you an analogy you may follow, without delving in to too mch of the why’s…

So to recap what we have so far…

Originally it became boring just to have and be as one gigantic energetic field, going about creating, therefore it splintered into thousands and millions and billions of little raindrops which were then cast out, and each individual raindrop went off to have its own unique experience in this world, whether it was positive or negative.

This combination thereof feeds the original source with new experiences and energies…

So here lies the secret principle: that energy and circulating and storing and continually harvesting these magickal currents within us…via magical and spiritual practices develop this potential of then being able to manifest and creating more experiences and things that we enjoy for ourselves.

And because we have been given this godlike potential (but we are not gods), we’re mere raindrops, and all that we experience goes back to the God force…as was intended.

Our purpose then is actually this… okay?

And then of course when we go through this life naturally and come to a natural end, we’re ready for the next step (where us as raindrops evaporate and go back to the source energy as moisture once again but retaining the growth benefit of what we have contributed to the God-force)..


As a result, we can be rewarded by being cast to a next higher level, or be recreated back in this world mch like a sponge that has absorbed water and then squeezed and plunged back in ready to absorb water again…

Depending on how we have contributed we could be even closer to gaining more powers and more freedoms …or not…

As we are basically all feeding this God force energy, but we do have this potential in the physical plane and spiritual planes to enjoy more of our own experience, becase we have been granted the gift of individualioty.

Now,by developing these magickal and spiritual energies which is not just the mind but the mind is very important for focusing the spiritual and magical energies into creating more of what we want.

We are then be able to experience even more, and contribute to the God force or the source energy.


I wanted to say today a lot of people having misconceptions that magick is just wishing for something and then projecting the mind and will.

However, that is just one step… however, you do have to do and to practice the spiritual exercises, channeling energy and then bringing these energies into you.

Circulating these energies storing it and then projecting these energies is what is MAGICK…

…and the more you practice, the higher and higher frequencies you will be able to channel more effectively and the more you will be able to manifest into your life and experience and enjoy.

Also using the formulae in the spells and all these things that are proven through time then you become adept at using them very efficiently and effectively to really increase your power.


Now, when you come into this world we are not all born equal, not regarding potential, we have equal value as human beings okay, and that’s why we must respect one another with that equal value as a human being or potential soul if you want to call it or spiritual entity.

However, we are not equal in the sense that we don’t come equipped with exactly the same set of our tools or levels as anyone else.

We’re all calibrated very individually, even though we are raindrops each raindrop has been tuned slightly differently making them all almost completely unique.

There are though some people that are calibrated very close to us.

However for the most part we’re not all equal and that’s why you’ll see people with certain highly developed attributes whether physical or whether mental or spiritual.

Everybody is at a slightly or significantly different level to each other.

The other thing is whenever you take a course or something or you start your magickal practice do not get frustrated if you don’t get results quickly okay.


It’s not a fast food store where you can just order the food, and everybody gets the same thing advertised on the menu; it’s not like that, it will be different for everyone.

Some things will be straightforward for you, and some things will be more difficult for you to attain, understand that that is natural and a part of growing and getting to where you eventually want to be.


This is where you need to work, you need to put the time and to work to get your levels up to where you need them in order to accomplish what you want (and also hopefully contribute positively to this world)

Okay, that’s all I wanted to say, I will elaborate more in future posts, don’t worry.

look forward to chatting with you next time so take care be safe and enjoy life!

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